An Shen Xuan’s hand pinching his wrist。

Shen Xuan micro one,I have passed a burst of pig-like screams in front of you.。 Be here,at this point,In fact, Shen Xuan,It is not too much to compare the roots.。 “Humph,Are you not very powerful before?,How?,Just like this?” When Shen Xuan saw this,obviously,Shen Xuan,Didn’t take these too serious。 But the more you now,In fact, Shen Read More

Wang Shoujun didn’t say this.,The prostitute, but his only desire,He starved to death and did not tighten,If a woman is hungry?,That’s really lost the lady and the defenders.。

Look at the sadness of sitting,Wang Fang, didn’t talk in one night,Wang Shoujun’s nose suddenly sour,To say that the biggest blow is now,I am afraid that he is a woman.,Just now I am sulking,I didn’t expect to comfort her.。 He is red:“Xiaofang,Come over to eat,do not worry,Dad is a pot to sell iron and sell Read More

嗖嗖 嗖嗖。

The four people have also reached the near,The whole face is hard to stare。 “You,What do you want to do!” “May gambling。” Summer voice is still flat,Looking at the five people in front,“I want to go,Leave a bet。” “You……Summer,Don’t be too arrogant!” “Arrogant?This is also arrogant?” Summer mouth hooked a wipe cold,Naturally cold drink,“When Lao Read More

Biggest reason,Also in the sacred soul。

Hundred years ago,Holy teaching,Members come from some major people in all countries。 These members have super rich,Politician,There is also a family head,More majestic high-level。 Their ambition,It is desirable to integrate resource,Make a secret push。 Paradise mountain、Dark Parliament、The nine major hegens is the product below the integration of the sacred。 That time,Really strong to the extreme。 Read More

“Don’t know……”

The old man shook his head,Rush,“I only listen to Xiaotian.,Say it is your Chinese people,It seems to have a deep hatred with you……Xia Tian Xiu followed the Huaxia who came together,But I don’t know where he is.。” For life,The other party said anything.。 Finally,He didn’t hesitate to kneel on the ground.,“Lord,Please let me go once,I Read More

“Have,I think。”

“You communicate with him?” “No。” “You said that he will not speak.。” “right。” “This is right.,He used to be demon or people,Obviously an evil monster。”槐 序,“Some of the evil monsters is that IQ is not high.、The instinct’s aggressiveness is too strong,I don’t think this kind of goods is like that kind of wisdom, but I Read More

Through weak light,It can be seen as a slightly fat man wearing silver reflective jacket.,Inside is a white bodied,Big belly。It’s a woman who is a thick makeup.,Wearing and men with the same paragraph silver reflective jacket,Very obviously a couple or husband and wife。

Both sides,The people in the mountains are obviously awkward。 Zhou Zhiyu,Asked:“Which future person is you??” “history……Histori。” The micro-fat man is trembled,Woman having a langing on the side:“it is true!You see,it is true!I just said it is true.?” Women don’t respond。 The man is getting more excited.,There is a feeling of crying.。 Zhou Zhijing said:“Please enter,Waiting Read More

“Is it,Emperor Deus!”Li Mingxindao,Some are particularly threatening to humans,Monster,Humans also have very detailed information on them。

And this big crocodile,The appearance rate of attacks in major base cities in South America is also extremely high。Admittedly extremely cunning,But also extremely powerful。The surface defense can be called the second largest among known monsters,Second only to the old dragon tortoise in the Pacific。 Even early in the monster riot,It is one of the monsters Read More

Ding Hu took advantage of the opportunity,I grabbed Ren Tianfei in one step,I reached out and grabbed Xia Jian’s wrist,He wants to pull Xia Jian over,But he made two bursts,I saw where Xia Jian was standing still。

———— First2490chapter Clean up the village Xia Jian saw Ding Hu grinning,The anger rushed up。His arm swung out,Ding Hu flew out,I fell on my back。 “Ouch!Chief Ding called the thugs!Is there any king?” Ding Hu saw that he was not Xia Jian’s opponent,So she sat on the ground like a shrew。 Which young people around Read More

The core of this battle is in Wang Lin in Xiangyang,As long as Wang Lin is not behind the knife,Lying down, don’t need to be suspicious!

Terrain of Ye County County,north,west,Eastern is surrounded by a river,Take this as the moat。And the south is land,The terrain of the city is lower than the city.。 Plug,I have used it recentlyapp, \\app \\ Android Apple mobile phone support! all in all,Ye County is used to defend the enemy from the north,Natural domain。Not only Read More

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