Xiao Yanda hasn’t caught his breath yet,Buzzing around,He turned around,Revenant,The green brilliance is extremely dazzling,Ye Dao flew over at some point,He urged blood to escape Dafa in a hurry,Unexpectedly, it was a step slower,Green light flashed by,His arm holding the whip was chopped off,Glaring red in the ground,Xiao Yanda is gone。

“what are you doing?!”Li Tianzhen turned his head and shouted,Naturally angry at Li Xiucheng’s golden body,Don’t chase Panmang,But came to kill Xiao Yanda,Let the demon escape,Really broke the catastrophe,The golden body doesn’t say anything,Looking back and forth among the ruins,What seems to be searching。 But even angry,Li Tianzhen’s mind still keeps a trace of clarity,There Read More

The gun fired too suddenly,The people fighting around are all taken aback。A big guy who seemed to be the leader rushed up and slapped the shot man in the face,“Paralyzed,Die?Who made you shoot?”Then look around,Raise your head and whistle,Shout:“Withdrawn。”

The man in black raises his companion,Back off,Rush to their respective cars。 Li Tianchou who was fighting heard the gunshot,My heart suddenly tightened,But there are too many people around,Not too late to react,The opponent in front of you suddenly stopped moving,Retreat quickly。He stands firm,I saw Wu Jianguo who fell to the ground at a glance,Panicked,Could Read More

After all, everyone has to join the Heart Saint Sect,Brothers in the future too,It’s okay to have a good relationship。

Lord of the Nine Laws,Existing wanderers,And the third one who realized the secret【Prison cocoon】So all aspects are extremely dazzling。 Just two very low-key,They are the second and sixth people who have realized the secret technique of white flame【Snail】with【tooth】。 And the other five rulers,They are all extremely powerful。 Even the weakest indigo scale,In fact, it can Read More

“what!”Chu Deee exhaled,Broken cattle in the mountain,Through the Queen、Shoot behind the column behind、Wall shock,Return to the house!

But even so,It has also been dodgeless, and Liu Sheng is outside the right leg.,Leave a wound。 If it is not integrated《King Kong is not bad》,Addition of Jinxian,This knife is afraid to have a deep number,Hurt,It is not very impact on the activity now.。 See Liu Sheng catch up with,Chu Deirers quickly jumped,Light golden squid Read More

“Although that’s what I said,But you like this,Isn’t it too risky?”

When Wei Yuyan said to Wang Teng with some curiosity,At this moment,Wang Teng did not forget to wave his hand in front of him,The whole person looks quite calm。 “Haha,What are these?” “Is it,Do i really care about these?” in fact,Looks at Wang Teng,Such a thing,The impact on myself,Almost completely negligible。 So looking at these,at Read More

After the Chu Deirers, I went to the pool of the Central stream.,Relivery,There are a few fat freshwater fish on the water.。

I don’t know if the crocodile pool in the bottom of the valley is connected.,But obviously for this bontown,I haven’t had a top predator for a long time.。 This is already the third day of the Chu Deirers in the Endless Valley.,Salted fish and drunk crabs have been exhausted——After all, he should now have arrived Read More

A Zhu watched the unbeaten,Oriental Big Education Lord smiles slightly:“I also drink。”

Invitation moon and pity stars are not interested in wine,Look at the side of Aizhi ready,Meal is very elegant,What is the style of Jiangnan,I don’t ignore Chu Deirers.。 They are interested in the dragon vear,Distribution of Longmuli Real,Be interested,Naturally hiding Chapter 1133 Discuss Put one sit down,Qiao Feng does not immediately mention,But drink alcohol、Get the Read More

pathology!Only pathology!I tell them。

She doesn’t seem to know what the pathology is。So I explained to her.,It is through various invasive means,Such as surgery、Or bronchoscope, etc.,Find a lump,Take out a little tissue from the lump,If you see a cancer cell,That is lung cancer。This is called pathology。 picture What is the meaning of invasivity??I don’t want surgery。Patient is a bit。 Read More

Pan Yulin said helplessly。

Others have fathers and mothers to pave the way,Fang Yu is purely relying on himself! She feels ashamed in her heart! Tuk tuk…… When Pan Yulin remembered。 There was a knock on the door! “It seems your dad is in a hurry to go out……Forgot to bring the key,Go open the door!” Pan Yulin said。 Read More

Xia Jian couldn’t say it for a while, so that’s why,He just feels angry,Work for such a woman。Actually forgot the most important thing,That’s right now, he has no capital at all to bargain with others。It’s good if someone wants him。

“Ha ha!It’s okay Uncle Zhao,At first I underestimated this little brother,In fact, he does a great job,If i hurt you somewhere,Your man has a lot,Shouldn’t care about me,dont you agree”Jia Lina asked softly with a smile on her face。 This woman became Xiaojiabiyu again in an instant,Like everybody,Speak tenderly,Xia Jian lost his temper for a Read More

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