2021 China Tourism Culture Week "Tourism and Country Development" Theme Forum Circular Development Prospects

"Tourism and Country Development" theme forum site. Su Yongcheng promoted the high-quality development of rural cultural tourism, and is the inherent demand for the development of rural industries. It is an important starter to realize the revitalization of the country. On the forum, Director of the Director of the Chinese and Foreign Cultural Exchange Center, Read More

2021 Song Qingling International Youth Exchange Camp Closing

This session covers 8 concerts, 7 artist, 5 Chinese traditional cultural micro-class, domestic and foreign platforms to broadcast. Global adolescents study through online, participate in the chorus, cello, long number, piano, Beijing opera, China printing, ribbon disc, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese guzheng and other courses, the reaction is warm, and the audience at home and abroad Read More

A pragmatic initiative warm soldiers, a brigade, a tour for the plateau, a resident, military and soldiers solving

"I really didn’t expect, in the residential place, I can eat the ‘pot bug meat’ for the trip to protect the team!" In late March, the Army, a tour of the servant, a tour of the sergeant, returned, eating Go to hometown, happiness is full. It is reported that the trip firmly sets into a Read More

Be brave: Thoughts "Two Establishment" really converted to "two maintenance" ideas consciously

On November 12th, the Hubei Provincial Committee Standing Committee (expanded) meeting was held, conveyed the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party, and arranged to deploy our province to implement the implementation.The Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee should be courageous and speech, deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Wang Zhonglin, Read More

British military sales are noted

The British set-level minesweeping ship in Ukraine and Russia against Russia, NATO further strengthened military support for Ukraine, held multiple joint exercises, and provided weapons and technology to Ukraine to join NATO in Ukraine. At present, the UK is negotiating with Ukraine for the first time to sell weapons. Sound believes that the UK moves Read More

Casting the Chinese Nation Community Consciousness | Snow Vehicles

  The beautiful Tibetan two-story small building in Xiumeouse Bar Village (photographed on April 2, 2020). Xinhua News Agency reporter Houjie went into a small building full of national characteristics, and the villagers gangsan were swepting the house. "Now the village is ecological tourism, the signature of Menba folk tourism is playing, and there are three Read More

Chen Chunyuan: A kind of vegetable "" has a way to get rich

In the planting process, Chen Chunyuan is more important, so he actively participates in planting training held in town, using mobile phone to see, and urges the technical staff around you, continuously improving planting technology, but also summed up a set of extension and vegetablesProduction technology.In the spring, Chen Chunyuan is dominated by cucumber planting. Read More

China Manned Space Engineering Office issued a method

China Manned Space Engineering Office issued a Measures for Manned Space Project Quality Management Work Published: 2021-11-1116: 44 Thursday Source: Rule of Law Daily – Legal Netbook News reporter Lian Ying Recently, China Manned Aerospace Project Office Publish the "Manned Space Engineering Quality Management Measures (Trial)", issued through the project all lines from November 1, Read More

De gezonde voedingsindustrie is booming en de glazuurproducten worden ontwikkeld tot de snelstrook.

In de afgelopen jaren gebeurt het nationale gezondheidsbewustzijn van de belangrijkste overdracht van de behandeling om te voorkomen, en de mensen met een sterke consumptie en zullen het toenemende niveau van hun gezondheid hebben, waardoor de snelle groei van de volledige markt voor de gezondheidsverbruik en het sterke is opkomst van enzymen. Lu Tao, secretaris-generaal Read More

Demonstration projects landed, guaranteeing the supply of green hydrogen supply in Beijing, Tianjin

Creating a hydrogen energy application demonstration park, providing a stable green hydrogen supply guarantee, helping the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area to achieve "carbon-up, carbon neutrics" target Jingneng Technology is closely around Beijing-Tianjin Hydropower Industry Planning and Baoding Hydrogens Industrial function positioning, active planning, advantageous, highlight, green and sustainable hydrogen energy projects. In terms of green hydrogen production, Read More

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