“Stop talking,He called the police,You all got the transcripts that were sent to be investigated”The man in the police uniform has a serious face,Don’t say anything extra。

Xia Jian gave Ouyang Hong a gesture,Ouyang Hong said no more,But got into the police car with Xia Jian。on the car,Xia Jian glared at Chen Xiaohu,But this tall man,But Xia Jian was so scared that he didn’t even dare to lift his head。 Take a transcript。Xia Jian hasn’t done anything like this,Just this kind of Read More

A few days later,Zhu Lei started to get angry again,It’s not because Li Tianchou hasn’t called,But got a watch by accident,Since Xiao Song handed over to him, it vibrated and flickered every half an hour,Each lasts about half a minute。

Zhu Lei has been playing around for a long time and still can’t understand the situation,But vaguely feel that the change of this watch is very important to Li Tianchou。 For this table,Zhu Lei is impressed,He not only met Uncle Geng,Later, I saw Li Tianchou with him at all times,Seems very important,But the two never Read More

Stirred lightly,Let the aroma and sweetness of red dates diffuse in the porridge,Zhu Minglang slowly passed the wooden spoon to Li Yunzi’s mouth。

Lai Yunzi hesitated。 “I took a sip while I was in the kitchen,Not hot anymore。”Zhu Minglang said。 Lai Yunzi took a deep look at Zhu Minglang,Tao:“You put,I will do it myself。” “You have to lie down,Blood circulation。”Zhu Minglang said。 Lai Yunzi is also a person on the battlefield,Severely injured,She actually knows that she only needs Read More

The result of the test came out soon,Liu Ying is indeed pregnant。This is how to do?It’s hard for Wang Youcai,He is a man who knows very little about this,And Liu Ying is helpless。

Wang Youcai suddenly thought of Xu Lihong,This woman passed Fengyue,I should understand this aspect best。As the saying goes, if you walk too much at night, you will always meet ghosts.,He doesn’t believe Wang Youcai,She Xu Lihong hasn’t encountered this for so many years? Thought of here,He immediately called Xu Lihong。In the morning,Generally, it is relatively Read More

Of course, the experience of bringing old winter melon to whore is quite funny,But I can’t tell Xiao Song。Captain is more interesting,I’m just sorry bro,He made the famous village in the city“Master of Excellence”The growth experience of the fortune teller was vividly told to Xiao Song,Make Xiao Song confuse。

“The village in the city where you used to live was so interesting,I must go see it in the future,By the way, see this great master。”Xiao Song was so fascinated。 This effect made Li Tianchou never expect,He racked his brains on how to change the subject,Suddenly a person flashed in my mind,An old man full Read More

Xia Jian took a breath,He would never think of,Mei Tong still has such a method,If this is used in the right way,Then she is a very amazing person。what a pity!Xia Jian feels a little sorry for this woman,Is it because she looks exactly like Xiao Xiao??

“Senge!It’s late,Let’s take them to the edge of the cliff and kill them”A man with Mao Sen whispered。 Xia Jian’s inspiration,He whispered to Maussen:“I’ll discuss something with you before I die” “Humph!late,Your trick works for women,Not for me。Even a devil like Mei Tong,I love and hate you,Just when she asked me to kill you,She hesitated,I Read More

After all, this is just a gift,Each treasure is worth five to six hundred thousand cubic meters of Chaos Spirit Liquid,Together, it will not exceed 3 million cubic meters of Chaos Spirit Liquid。

For the pinnacle,This wealth is really not much。 Gifted treasure,The messengers of the five forces are not in a hurry to enter the topic,Each other is a great Taoist,Although the strength is better than‘Ming Daojun’Definitely a lot weaker,But sitting and talking with each other is good for me。 Li Ming is good at formation、Daojun Yun Read More

Xia Jian did not hesitate more,He bent over and carried Chen Jing up,Li Xue hurriedly helped Gu Yue,A few people walked towards the door。

At this moment,Xia Fei opened the door and walked in,She whispered:“Xu Sanduo is in the left room,Are discussing something with a few people。 “Rush down the stairs quickly,Caught them off guard。I guess,The stairs on the second and third floors should not be guarded,There should be a sentry on the first floor,Everyone pays attention to“Li Xue Read More

Zhang Siwei smiled,“Not not making money,I think I might lose money,Just pay the tuition,Not enough to hire a teacher。”

Xia Shuyue pouted,Don’t know what to say,Sure enough, there is a reason why Zhang Siwei is not optimistic。 “Is the venue rented??” “about there,Already optimistic,Just wait for the landlord to sign the contract,You can use it after signing the day after tomorrow,Don’t ask for the teacher’s fee,And the venue fee,Count it down,Must have lost。”Xia Shuyue’s Read More

The two chatted again on the phone,Xia Jian found a reason to hang up。Xiao Xiao came over and asked:“Is it Hu Huiru’s call??”

Xia Jian nodded,So he asked Hu Huiru to go to Pingdu,Tell Xiao Xiao in detail。Xiao Xiao took a breath and said:“You are now an employee of Hu Huiru,Since we are doing less now,Then you go to Pingdu” Xia Jian thought for a while,Then nodded。It’s not justified not to go,Don’t say that Hu Huiru gave him Read More

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