40 aandelen in het jaar, het dragen van dop A-aandelen prestaties is het koningeffect

Originele titel: 40-jarige Seda Draag Cap A-Share Performance is het eerste jaarlijkse krantenseizoen na terugtochten, het eerste jaarlijkse krantenseizoen en een groep geretourneerde risicoaandelen luidde een kritieke periode in. Vanaf 28 april, 12 aandelen in Tianshan Biology, westelijke regio’s, Yunnan City, enz., Enz., De voorraad afkorting kroon in "ST" of "* ST". Flush gegevens blijkt Read More

66.59% bevolking gevaccineerd nieuw kroonvirusvaccin

  Op 14 mei, in het vaccinatiepunt van het Dongcheng Community Health Service Center in Erlingshot, de mensen die het vaccin kwamen te vaccineren. Het vaccinatiepunt is verdeeld in gebieden zoals registratiezones, inoculumgebieden, heffingsdistricten, noodverwijderingsgebieden, en het personeel leidt het publiek om ordelijk op te leiden. Om de voortgang van vaccinatie te versnellen, opende Dongcheng Community Read More

Babu Village, Jiangsu Dongtai: Packed up "Eco-gold rice bowl" fishing village turned into the net

In the morning of November 3, Wang Panhua has finally got an early morning. He will go to his own aquaculture pond and feed small white shrimps. "Our family has passed a few generations of fishing industry. In my hand, ‘funeral is dropped …" Wang Panhua said, in the early 21st century, for Bavao Village Read More

Bless veteran! Open the next journey of life

Military travel, the veteran used youth singing his life’s song, such as the water veteran used the spring of life, the spring of the life, these days, many air force troops organized special events to send a veteran to leave the troops and blessed the veteran for the future. 1 There is also 12 days Read More

Bai’an River Reservoir Water Source Reservation Area Realization Surveillance Full Cover

This newspaper on November 15, the second phase of the Ba’anhe Reservoir in Kaiyang County was fully completed, and the water source protection area of ??the reservoir realized full coverage. The Bai’an River Reservoir is a primary protected area for drinking water source in Kaixi County. In order to further strengthen the standardization construction of Read More

Cai Qi: Serious discipline to create a clear environment

Original title: The first version of the head version (Reporter Yu Meizhu "Yesterday afternoon, the municipal party committee theoretical learning center group held a study (expanded) meeting, collectively watched" alarm bell Changming – Serious disciplined education warning "special film. The Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, the mayor Read More

Construction of power quality experts called "rule by the people."

Quality issues at stake, the report pointed out that in the nineteenth party, must insist on quality first, giving priority to efficiency, emphasis on construction quality power. State Administration of market data show that my country’s manufacturing industry product quality pass rate for 5 consecutive years of more than 93%, the highest level in history. Read More

Cui Yongsong, Qixian County, Henan Province: Issue a special way of developing a special planting

"The ‘Green Fumei’ of the vegetable industry is a rare vegetable in our Central Plains. Cui Yongsong, a chance, a chance, a chance, ”, a bumper, with his attractions, from the first time, Fulk the specification, scale planting, hard pursuit, experienced a seven-year history, successfully walked out of the development path of characteristic planting, and Read More

Coner to protect the cultural treasures and natural treasures of all mankind (Wanghai Building)

  Recently, "Quanzhou: Song Yuan China World Ocean Trade Center" was allowed to include "World Heritage List" at the 44th World Heritage Conference, adding a 56th Pearl to China’s World Heritage Baoku.   President Xi Jinping pointed out that "World Culture and Natural Heritage is an important result of the development of human civilization and natural evolution, Read More

Cross-Strait Scholar Taipei praat over Sun Yat-Sen dacht

People’s Daily Online Taipei 16 september, "De eerste Sun Yat-Sen’s denken en vriendschapsseminarie" werd gehouden in Taipei "Pathers Memorial Hall" op 16e. Tientallen geleerden van de Taiwanese Straat op de nationale, burgerrechten en het levensonderhoud van de Mr. Sun Yat-Sen, de impact van de politieke samenleving aan beide zijden van het land. Het seminar werd Read More

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