“Which car is Aunt Xiao’s?”Xiao Chenchen stopped brushing her teeth,Asked in his tender voice。

Xia Jianying said:“Yes!Why do you think Aunt Xiao’s car is beautiful,Is it unique to sitting??” “of course,If it’s Aunt Xiao’s car, I will take it,Don’t take your car,Ugly”Xiao Chenchen said,Put down the toothbrush and start to face。The washbasin is too high,He can’t reach。Xia Jian hurriedly pumped him water into the washbasin。 The little guy saw Read More

“Mr. Zhu!So charming,Not afraid of me making mistakes?”Xia Jian avoided her topic,Said this deliberately。

Zhu Hui heard what Xia Jian said,Can’t help but smile and say:“I really want you to make a mistake,But you just don’t commit”What kind of eyes Zhu Hui said can kill a group of erotic men。It is a pity that Xia Jian has self-control ability that ordinary people can’t match.。 Zhu Hui still wants to Read More

“Oh oh oh,Little wife?”

“Master,We are innocent,But she may be the same as junior,I admire me more,Always say something inexplicable to outsiders,Misleading。”Zhu Minglang said。 Zi Miaozhu has left,Should be to spread the word。 The old lady Jianzun continued:“After all, I grew up with you,Sister Miaozhu worships you like her brother,Sometimes she can’t distinguish this feeling。it’s good now,You belong,Can also Read More

“So many works,Which one do you like best?”Yu Shi then asked。

Ji Yunfeng thought for a while,Point to one of the models:“This one。This is a teaching building designed for a Hope Primary School in Guangxi,Free。” Yu Shi took the model and looked at it,I imagined what the teaching building looks like in my head,Admired:“Ok,Looks great。I didn’t expect you to be so loving。” Ji Yunfeng was silent Read More

Because Han Shanshan is the scenery of the school。

“Let it go,Let’s take a look at the class teacher first.。” Looking at Han Shanshan’s proud look,Li Hui is not hilarious.,Then follow the other party directly into the small courtyard。 Lang Lang’s reading sound,Still the same as before,Although it is a high high school,But there is still a very playful boys and girls。 There is Read More

Xia Jian said nothing clearly:“The teacher didn’t tell you,Do you have to turn off the high beam when you transfer the car??“When Xia Jian said this,,He Jing may be afraid of Xia Jian,Also jumped out of the car。

“you are right,I really don’t have a driver’s license,You can call the traffic police to arrest me now。But I tell you Xia Jian,What’s going on,You just wait and see”Wang Youcai gritted his teeth and said。 Xia Jian said with a cold smile:“What’s the matter with us?” “You rode on my neck and shit,What else?Let’s not Read More

Sun Youtai said so,It’s actually protecting Wang Teng and Jiang Ya。

After all,In fact, Wang Teng and Jiang Ya have invisibly offended Wang Youwei。 According to Wang Youwei’s character,It is absolutely impossible for him not to retaliate。 “You said,What is Wang Youwei doing now?” Wang Teng turned and looked at Jiang Ya beside him,Slightly curious,Subconsciously asked。 It’s just after what Wang Teng said,obviously,at this point,It’s unexpected。 Read More

This is not right,There are so many zombies who are not afraid of the sun?

Chen Xiu and Ou Sheng got out of the car in a hurry,Rush to the front of the convoy,I saw that Ou Sheng’s men had already turned fire with the zombies,To be precise, there are mostly zombies。 A hundred meters in front of the convoy is the sea tunnel,Inside the tunnel is a large swarm Read More

“This is not!”

“Still not!” The number of strong players in this third layer is much less than in the second layer,After all, most Yuanshen Taoists can pass the second layer,But can’t enter the fourth floor。 Effort,Found a total of 41 Yuanshen Taoists on the third level,There is also a real person in Vientiane。 There is nothing threatening Read More

When Xia Zecheng and Chen Erniu walked into Wang Youcaiyou’s yard,There have been a lot of people in the courtyard。But most of them are from the clan。They came so early,Are here to help。

As soon as they enter,Wang Degui greeted him personally,He helped to pass cigarettes to everyone,The happy mouth can’t close。Xia Zecheng took the cigarette he handed over,Said two words of blessing。 Will be seated soon。Rural weddings,Due to limited places,Sit down when you come,Let’s eat if you make enough seats。Originally, there were not enough people in their Read More

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