Month: March 2022

Chinese Disease Control Center experts introduced the assistance of the Emperor: cultivating a non-leaving disease control team

People’s Network Beijing May 6th (Xu Xinyi) 6th, the State Council’s joint defense mechanism held a press conference on the assistance of Urban Control. At the meeting, Zhang Xiaoguang, deputy director of the Chinese Disease Control Center in Huanggang Tourism, Zengyi, Zengyi, Zengyi, said, from January 30th, China’s CDC is from national disease control and Read More

Resolutely put a new mission to write a new chapter

Original title: Resolutely picked up the new mission to write a new chapter to enter the new journey, and the new era of success. In the eager expectation of the people of the province, the Chinese Communist Party Jiangsu Province, the 14th Congress of Jiangsu Province opened today, and we express congratulations on the convening Read More

Bijna 50b kubieke meter water afgeleid door Project

Workerstakewatersamplesforqualitymonitoringatamiddle-routesectionoftheSouth naar NorthWaterDiversionProjectinPingdingshan, Henanprovince, onDec10,2021. [PhotobyHeJinwen / forChinaDaily] sdrought-pronenorthoverthepastsevenyears-roughlyequaltotheannualrunoffoftheYellowRiver, thecountryrthWaterDiversionProject-datingbacktotheopeningofitsmiddleroute-theministrysaiditnowprovideswat, andallurbanresidentsinTianjinhaveaccesstowaterfromit, theministrysaid. "Theprojecthasgreatlyenhancedthewatersupplycapabilitiesofcitiesalongtheproject," saidwaterresourcesexpertWangHao, servoir, Beijingsmainsourceofdrinkingwater ,, over5millionpeopleintheHeilonggangRiverbasinarenolongerreliantonwaterwithhighlevelsoffluorine, whichcanbeharmfultohumanhealth, , sDaily, "Thewaterfromtheprojectisnotonlysoftbutalsosweet." Zhangaddemsinmanywatercourses ,,, theministrysaid, "withwaterresumedintheirwatercoursesandplantscomingbacktotheirbanks" .Waterdivertedbytheplanmeantthatforthefirsttimein25years, therewaswaterinallthesectionsofthe8, addingthatpla InterraininBeijinghadseenageneraLASeingRoundwaterLevelsforsixstraightyears .. Read More

Summary: "New Wave" epidemic swept in European countries’ anti-esopee measures

  Xinhua News Agency, Geneva, November 15th, Satisfaction: "New Wave" epidemic Safe Safe European Epidemic Investment Treated Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Rong with winter, New Crown epidemic in Europe recently reappeared. The latest data on the World Health Organization shows that there are nearly 2 million cases of newly increasing diagnosis in Europe, which is Read More

The only one in the province! In Changsha Yuhua District, the national intelligent social governance experimental base

The national intelligent social governance experimental base is organized by the Central News Network Office, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Ecological Environment, the Ministry of Health and Health, the Market Supervision, the BEM, and the National Sports General Administration. Create a group of demonstrations Read More

Town Interview 2 丨 丨 范 新 镇 镇 镇: 发展 镇 镇 镇 镇 镇 镇 镇 镇

  Your town, the world’s Sichuan. Xinhuanet launched "small town interview", conveyed thinking with the lens, and the small towns were in depth.   Our interview target is the leader of the town, surrounding the problems of everyone, and the historical and cultural, humanistic, characteristic attraction, blueprint planning, etc. of the host chatting in the town.   In Read More

Qinghai Province strengthens supervision and inspection to ensure the implementation of "five management" work

  After the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education has been deployed for the "five management" work of the primary and secondary schools. The Qinghai Provincial Department of Education attaches great importance to the important content, careful organization, careful deployment of the people as the annual key work and party history education for the people. Read More

Russian dot in the first half of the year, navy construction results

In the first half of this year, the Russian Navy Frigbated, the Russian Navy continued to improve the size of the Ocean deployment and the actual combat training level, and new records were set in multiple fields. Russian media said that the Russian Navy continues to strengthen the construction of modern power and help to Read More

Russia "Navy Wings" wings off a strong fighting force to prove safety where

Figure -22M3 hypersonic strategic bombers. In addition, Russia Nevsky Design Bureau recently announced that, in the research of "Kovalam" General Maritime integrated system, can carry 24 multi-purpose aircraft, six helicopters and 20 unmanned aircraft. Plan a VTOL aircraft carrier-based aircraft MiG -29K and the development of carrier-based aircraft fleet composition, in order to ensure air Read More

The 12th China Expo: "Multicolored" Zhongyang Signed Top Ten Projects have a total amount of 49 billion yuan

People’s Network Taiyuan May 17th (Zhang Tingting) At the 12th China Central Investment Trade Expo is about to convene, this morning, Lucun Zhongyang County held the theme of "Transforming Development, Jumeng Zhongyang" in Taiyuan, Luliang City. The investment promotion meeting, deputy secretary of the Zhongyang County Committee, the county magistrate Sun Yanfei promoted the "multicolored" Read More