Month: February 2022

The results accelerate, innovation is more energetic

Our province has created efficient scientific and technological achievements to translate ecology, and converts more innovative fruits to realistic productivity – the results accelerates, innovation is more vivid, and the eleventh party congress report "adheres to high level self-strength, accelerate The construction of the economy and strong innovation, "as the first struggle for the next Read More

Revolutionary Old Address Classroom Red Gene Yongzhi Hunan Normal University Marxist College launched a thinking on-site teaching

Hunan Normal University ‘s Thinking on Site Teaching. The unit is awarded the map of Changsha, November 8th, yesterday afternoon, in a simple farmhouse at the foot of Changsha Yuelu Mountain, the medal classroom in Ying was in progress. The green tile white wall, the bamboo fence is surrounded, this is the old site of Read More

Shenyang Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission opened the "Cadre Night School" learning party history

  Xinhuanet Shenyang March 19 (Reporter Yu Child) Recently, the first class of the "Cadres Night School" of the Shenyang Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission officially started. In the class, the speaker lively told the party history and revisit the red memory in the years. Discipline inspection and supervision cadres listened carefully and recorded.   On Read More

Shenzhen high-hazardous maternity project management and dynamic supervision full coverage

Original title: High-risk pregnant women’s project management and dynamic supervision full coverage in recent years have continued to implement the second-child three children in the country, in the face of the new situation of birth, how does Shenzhen implement security work? On November 15th, at the theme series of news conferences in the "Healthy Hundred Read More

Struggling a hundred years of road to set sail new journey · School Party History and Ideological Doctors

  Xinhua News Agency, October 29th, IQ: Realistic, doing practical things, out of the performance – the party history of the party history, the new, the new, the new Huaji reporter, "Inheriting the virtue role, respect the old love, the old love, the national tradition … "In Ninghe District, Tianjin, the 73-year-old Li Zin as a" Read More

Super dazzle! The drone special technology performance here is being treated …

  Recently, the 2020 Changchun International Drone Industry Expo in Changchun has been successfully held in Changchun Agricultural Expo Park. During the Expo, 1,000 drone group performances were conducted three consecutive days in Changchun Friendship Park, which is one of the largest duration of the domestic duration. Building 1 and Hall of Hall, build 1055 square Read More

The 2635 quota of the Baotou City, Jijaqi stagnation tourists are full.

Source: Inner Mongolia Daily, on November 13th, 2,635 stranded tourists who transels from the Tadge of Niji Buna City were concentrated in healthy monitoring periods, which were in line with the elimination of isolation, including 2135 in the 13th, and the remaining tourists will Leverail off the package.   For 14 days, as a city of Read More

The Bank of China released the "Overall Survey of the Governance Supervision of Bank Insurance Organizations" in the 2021

People’s Network Beijing November 14 (Reporter Luo Zhi) According to the official website of the SMD, recently, the SPA has issued the "Overall Survey of the Governance Supervision Assessment of Bank Insurance Organizations". The assessment results show that under the promotion of supervision in recent years, the governance consciousness of banking insurance industry has gradually Read More

Struggle 100-year road to set sail new journey · Shenzhou Tour | Chongqing: Gather "two high" near Yuyuan

  Xinhua News Agency, Chongqing, May 27th: Chongqing: Gather "two high" near Yue Yuan came to Xinhua News Agency, Li Yong, Zhang Guilin, Tao Ye, Chongqing Central City, Changjiang, Jialing River Double River Intersection (Edited December 21, 2020). Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Xiao transformed into the innovation of hot soil from the old industrial base, Read More

The 6th Financial Consumer Rights Protection Summit Forum

Meeting Forum 14: 00-14: 10 Host Opening Introduction Guests and Activities 14: 10-14: 20 Organized Speech: Xinhuanet Leaders 14: 20-14: 40 Speaker: Wang Zhaoxian State Council Participation, China Silver Insurance Regulatory Commission Chairman 14: 40-15: 00 Speaker: Majun China People’s Bank of China Financial Consumer Protection Bureau deputy director 15: 00-15: 20 "National Financial Literacy Read More

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