Month: January 2022

Treeki bottom line thinking compaction safety responsibility to ensure that the safety production situation continues to stabilize

On the afternoon of November 11, Pingdingshan Mayor Zhao Wenfeng went to Ping Coal Shenma Group to investigate safe production work. He emphasizes that it is necessary to firmly establish the bottom line thinking, fully implement the "three-point three must" requirements, compress the responsibility of the real corporate main body, and ensure that the city’s Read More

Perceived digital RMB inside and outside Boao

Original title: Perceived digital renminbi in the future has come. A "Digital Payment and Digital Currency" sub-forum became the hot look of the Boao Forum for Asia 2021. The forum has no seats in bed, and the long team has also rushed outside the venue. The forum is not sitting, and outside the venue, the Read More

Qingxing insurance

In the event, everyone is not afraid of cold, swing with sweat, picking up the iron shovel, broom, etc. in the hand, clean up the snow in the community, everyone work together, cooperate, and dry the heat.Everyone is busy, will be willing to dedication, not afraid of the hard spirit, from time to time, the Read More

Puding County People’s Armed Forces held "Xin Taiwan’s national defense parents, family and children in military camp" and commendation

In recognition of advanced, establishing a typical, building a more strong recruitment promotion atmosphere, recently, Puding County People’s Armed Forces held "Xin Taiwan national defense parents, family and children in military camp" seats and commendation. The Standing Committee of the Popular County Party Committee, the county people’s political committee governance committee will be attended the Read More

Shanxi Bank 10 billion yuan special loan guarantees electric enterprises insurance for financing demand

  Original title: Shanxi Bank 10 billion yuan special loan guarantee electricity insurance for financing requirements October 15, the Provincial Finance Office, the Provincial Energy Bureau and Shanxi Bank jointly organized coal-powered enterprises to protect the silver enterprises. Shanxi International Energy, National Energy Investment, Huadian Shanxi Energy, Xishan Coal Power, Datang Shanxi Branch, Huadian Shanxi Branch Read More

Science and Technology Helps Regional High Quality Development Social Sciences into Tiexi District Science and Technology Docking will be successfully held

  Xinhuanet Shenyang March 19th (Tang Xiaoyu) On March 18th, the "Chinese Academy of Sciences went into Tiexi District Science and Technology Dip" held at the Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee. The Shenyang Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences serves as a police station in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and has Read More

Qiu Jianxing: Building a standardization system belonging to Chinese medicine

Qiu Jianxing worked in the field of TCM’s spleen and stomach, and he was so sincerely. The Second Hospital of Guangdong Province is available on November 8th, and Guangdong "The most beautiful technology worker" award released in 2021. The first national famous Chinese medicine, Guangdong Second Hospital of China (Guangdong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Read More