Month: October 2021

“Oh。”Xia Shuyue nodded,I can’t help but sigh,Months,The lively photo studio turned into a gray empty house,The sight of people coming and going no longer exists,Seems to have a dream,wake up,Everything is fake。

The front desk was a little excited,Follow Xia Shuyue,“You do not know,Haven’t done business recently,Cold scenes are really not easy to transfer,The original transfer price is very reasonable,But people find it too expensive,Actually because I didn’t do business。” Xia Shuyue nodded,“Ok。” “I have advised Mr. Zhang,I said I should sell while doing business,It’s not too Read More

Liao Wenjie doesn’t have so much ideas,Looking at the pretty face of the nine-tailed fox,While warning yourself,Face is the whole、Breast、Waist is pumping、Leg is connected……

General fake,Not the same is true,As soon as the pants are Schr?dinger,Take off,Gender,Nothing is borrowed。 Knowing is self-deception,But don’t say,Because the examples have seen are not a small number,Deceive,He is a bit letter.。 Nine-tailed fox is interested in losing Liao Wenjie,If you don’t make a mistake,First time,Liao Wenjie did not move,Not because of the rough Read More

At this moment,The phone rings again。

Still a strange local number! Fang Yu answered unhappily,“I don’t need insurance、No money to buy a house、No need to borrow……” “Fang Yu……I am Doctor Qiu!I want to ask you for help!” Heard Fang Yu’s call,Qiu Tian is at a loss。 Fang Yu,How many salesmen have you experienced?? “I have nothing to do with the hospital……What’s Read More

Say,Zhou Shengjie took four bottles of flying Maotai to bring Li Hui to the private room with the wind.。

Li Hui Rong thought about it or took someone to ginseng.。 After all, this is Zhou Shengjie to prepare for him.,How is Zhou Shengjie’s heart to him?。 If he doesn’t have to use it now, it is equal to the face of Zhou Shengjie.。 Just when the two are just ready to sit down,Zheng Mingshan Read More

In the inn,Chu Deirers left thought to right,But I always think this is not open.……

Although it is actually,Guo Giao’s famous place,Not necessarily so high,Ten eight nine is a giant whale to help,Write Guo Zhaoba’s cotton coat,Concentrated on board,make“Survive”Cotton coat,Proportion of Guo Zhaob,Actual ratio! But now,Whether it is to identify the truth of the fire,Or do someone deliberately,It has already been meaningful。 Even if Liu Sheng but Malaysia,Suspected seeds have Read More

Zhang Lao burst into laughter,Zhang Yun pursed his lips and smiled:“Petty,I have three older sisters,Four sisters,Just ask if you are afraid。“

“what,true or false?!” …… Tongshiling in the outskirts of Anshan Mountain has always been an affluent area of Anshan,Not far from the road up the mountain is a half-hill villa。 Zhang Family Mansion is the biggest place on the mountain。 As soon as you enter the villa, there is a large private swimming pool,Next to Read More

“Fluttering bones were shattered to death by the opponent’s palm!”

“what!” Sun Yang leaned down,Groping on Sun Zhenyi,Sure enough, there is no complete bone,I wonder if I don’t have such a palm strength that can shatter all human bones in one palm。 The housekeeper on the side said:“Hall Master,I’m afraid this time Master Flapping Wings met a master!” “horse……Send someone to call back flapping wings!” Read More

It’s so slowly.。

If you stand all over the world,Hey with the family,So,Last ending,But it is the relish of the West Jin.。 Gao Biyi quietly left this housing,Sparse with patrols, do not speak,Then I came to another camp.。here“Hall”,The same is also bright。 really,These people with Li Da,In fact, it is also the same.。After the ministry got the cotton Read More

“Actually now,I think currently,The best solution,Actually start from here!”

When Wang Teng said directly to his eyes,obviously,Such a thing,Make those around you unexpected。 But then think again,Indeed。 but,Wang Teng felt more and more,Actually here in the warehouse,These things,It’s nothing at all。 “Forget it,Anyway now,Continue to struggle so much,It’s not that important anymore。” “So next,Where do I need to start,In fact, we need to think Read More

With Wang Teng’s words finished,The people around looked over。

Such a thing,In fact, deep down in their hearts,It feels so。 And Jiang Ya smiled:“Then now,We can start preparing。” other people,No opinion at all。 After all such a thing,In itself,Actually it has been fully planned。 So where to start,at this point,Actually very important。 …… At this moment,For the other side。 In fact, Li Kangjie’s heart,I’m Read More

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