Day: September 19, 2021

Dragon Nine took the back of Liao Jie’s back:“okay,Don’t install pity,With your own business,I can’t take you.,Remember to dress up with your handsome,Buy a meeting again。”

“I have no pity,Just take the opportunity to eat tofu。” “” Town Villa。 Chen Xiaozi who left Hong Kong Island for a year to sit on the sofa,In the past, he was a hooligan of unemployed.,Return house at the foot of the mountain,Now he is the legend of the gambling,House living on the top of Read More

In the noise,Suddenly remembered the applause,Everyone looked sideways,But I saw Han Yuncong clapping his hands。

“Everybody,Please listen to me……I know this ice jadeite everyone likes,But there is only one gem,Lest everyone hurt,I paid 21 million to buy back this jadeite,I think everyone has no opinion。” As the owner of the original jade,Han Yuncong’s identity is there,Who would offend him for a stone。and,The price of 21 million is far beyond the Read More