Day: September 17, 2021

“Uh-huh!Gather,You are a bit,Cook more tomorrow,Everyone eats together。”

“it is good!I have a person who knows,Let him get more。” Le Yu smiles。 Looking at Blue Xin’s happiness,She finally relieved.。 “Blue,I will take you to visit tomorrow.?” “Um!Go away,With Xiao Jun, they went out together.,I haven’t played with them for a long time.。” “Good,Just,Let’s go see their brothers and sisters to pick a few Read More

“You fell asleep?”I saw Zhao Chunling buttoning up,Xia Jian couldn’t help asking。

Zhao Chunling laughed and said:“It seems like this situation tonight is not to sleep。I’m waiting for Mayor Tong to come out,Also want to take a bath,The conditions in Donglin Township are too bad” Xia Jian could only smile awkwardly。He walked inside,The scene on the bed made his blood surge。Zhao Chunling won’t tell him。 I saw Read More