Day: September 13, 2021

Sun Youtai said so,It’s actually protecting Wang Teng and Jiang Ya。

After all,In fact, Wang Teng and Jiang Ya have invisibly offended Wang Youwei。 According to Wang Youwei’s character,It is absolutely impossible for him not to retaliate。 “You said,What is Wang Youwei doing now?” Wang Teng turned and looked at Jiang Ya beside him,Slightly curious,Subconsciously asked。 It’s just after what Wang Teng said,obviously,at this point,It’s unexpected。 Read More

This is not right,There are so many zombies who are not afraid of the sun?

Chen Xiu and Ou Sheng got out of the car in a hurry,Rush to the front of the convoy,I saw that Ou Sheng’s men had already turned fire with the zombies,To be precise, there are mostly zombies。 A hundred meters in front of the convoy is the sea tunnel,Inside the tunnel is a large swarm Read More