Day: September 11, 2021

“Stop talking,He called the police,You all got the transcripts that were sent to be investigated”The man in the police uniform has a serious face,Don’t say anything extra。

Xia Jian gave Ouyang Hong a gesture,Ouyang Hong said no more,But got into the police car with Xia Jian。on the car,Xia Jian glared at Chen Xiaohu,But this tall man,But Xia Jian was so scared that he didn’t even dare to lift his head。 Take a transcript。Xia Jian hasn’t done anything like this,Just this kind of Read More

A few days later,Zhu Lei started to get angry again,It’s not because Li Tianchou hasn’t called,But got a watch by accident,Since Xiao Song handed over to him, it vibrated and flickered every half an hour,Each lasts about half a minute。

Zhu Lei has been playing around for a long time and still can’t understand the situation,But vaguely feel that the change of this watch is very important to Li Tianchou。 For this table,Zhu Lei is impressed,He not only met Uncle Geng,Later, I saw Li Tianchou with him at all times,Seems very important,But the two never Read More