Month: August 2021

Since half a year ago,He got【Hunyuan Cave Sky Spear】,The origin of the marksmanship of secret communication,It is even trying to use this gun to display the method of combining mind and power。

【Hunyuan Cave Sky Spear】It is indeed a weapon that fits him very well,He can easily trigger the origin of the gun while swinging,And inspire the sky projection,Power surge。 Even if Li Ming’s marksmanship state is slightly inferior to the world state,But really want to fight,Li Ming is sure to fight in close combat against a Read More

“Woman is fat,Just say plump!“Xia Jian was joking with Dragon Ball,The two got into the elevator。

Arrived at Xia Jian’s office,Dragon Ball whispered:“Suddenly received a notice this morning,Said it was a meeting at three o’clock in the afternoon,I feel weird,I don’t know what meeting to hold,Anyway, I haven’t had a meeting for some days“ Xia Jian thought about it:“I’ll know everything in a while,You go make coffee for both of us“Xia Read More

And in a sense,Li Ming devours the origin of the law of destruction,Has lowered a trace of world beast

In order to deal with the opponent,The Beasts have set three plans。 First plan,A large number of Tier 1 and Tier 2 world beasts spread,Try to find the enemy,At the same time they recruited the servants they harvested in the universe,Identify。We must determine who the enemy is。Notice,Life bred in the primitive universe,All have small universes,Very Read More

Rugged mountain road,Not easy to open at all,I almost fell into the ditch several times。Fortunately, a middle-aged man is here to help,The van finally got onto the road。

Xia Jian guessed right,This middle-aged man really doesn’t have a driver’s license,Otherwise he would not choose to leave the car at night。It’s not easy for everyone,Xia Jian didn’t care too much with him。 About half an hour later,A low building appeared in front of you,Zhao Chunling, who was sitting behind Xia Jian, reminded him:“Hurry up!” Read More

His voice has not fallen yet,Suddenly someone shouted:“The mountain temple is on fire!The villagers hurry up to fight the fire“The sound shocked Xia Jian and the others。Whatever you say。

“Go fast!Zhao Hong shouted on the big radio,Let the villagers carry buckets and water“Xia Jian said,While wearing a jacket,While running towards the door。Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu followed closely behind him。 Xiping Village at this time,It’s chaos。When Xia Jian and the others ran to the mountain temple,Where many villagers have started fighting fires。But the fire Read More

“I hope you speak well,If i am not satisfied,You can wait to die!”

Leo pinched each other’s neck,Even if the other person is not an ordinary person, he can’t live for three minutes。 In other words,If Leo is not satisfied within three minutes,He is dead。 Leo only needs to raise his hand for three minutes。 “Cough,Lord Leo,You can’t do this!I amCP5Sir,You as the navy,How can you shoot me!” Read More

“That is……” Osheng did not speak,Just hold his palm tighter。

this moment,He is everything to her。 All the country and the city are dismissive! …… The helicopter sent Osheng home first,Chen Xiu did not stay。 Although very scumbag,At that time, he was really anxious to go back to see Wang Zilin’s situation。 “Where’s Zilin?” Back to Gu Rimou’s villa in Repulse Bay,Chen Xiu is out,Only Read More

I don’t know if Gao Wei lost his patience,It was Wang Youcai’s words that made him feel ashamed,I saw him say coldly:“Wang Youcai,Don’t rely on the backstage, you won’t be the last,I want everyone to eat this meal,Instead of leaving you alone。Beauty International, since you snatched it,Then this heart touching world,It belongs to me“

“If i don’t agree?“Wang Youcai’s tone suddenly changed,Asked coldly。 Gao Wei suddenly laughed:“You are such a lifeless fellow,Lu Monkey!Lead the brothers to me,As long as it doesn’t kill,I will bear all the responsibilities“ Monkey Lu is actually scared in his heart,But when the boss gave an order,He had to bite the bullet and shout:“Brothers,Give me Read More

Xia Jian sat down on a chair,Said in a cold voice:“Drink nothing。Speak!You pester me like this,What do you want?I can tell you Zhou Li,There is no hatred between us,You can’t do this to me。Are you looking at me,Just want to kill me?”

“You are too cruel,I look like a poisonous snake,Am I really like this in your eyes?”Although Zhou Li’s voice is very high,But there is still a smile on her face。 A look at Zhou Li’s appearance,Xia Jian suddenly felt uneasy。To know,Both of them are married,And this solitary room in the middle of the night,This is Read More

Not for a while,The sound of the chain falling off followed。

See this scene,The female emperor’s eyes suddenly brightened,The joy on the face is hard to conceal。 “Hehe,My little ice worm is omnipotent。”Zhu Minglang smiled at the empress。 “You help me up。”The female emperor is a little weak,Obviously some kind of love poison。 Her bare feet,Step on Zhu Minglang’s shoulders。 Crawl out of the dungeon,The female Read More