Month: June 2021

I don’t know if it’s because of the strong stimulating effect of the world’s first spirit gin in the cocktail,Or because of the soothing effect of surrounding light music,Qiao Tianyu fell asleep without knowing it。

Quiet“Blue Fox Light”The quiet atmosphere of the bar is really good for sleeping,Qiao Tianyu slept especially sweetly this time。 I don’t know how long I slept,When Qiao Tianyu wakes up again,The sky outside is already blue,But the bar is no different from before Qiao Tianyu went to bed,Still looks quiet。 Qiao Tianyu, who woke up, Read More

and,Not as delicate as it has been since Xuande,Baizhong Shanda,Although the glaze is more delicate,But bright,Not as thick as mid-term hypertrophy、Flash green。Individual thick glaze turbidity。Mostly celadon glaze,The glaze is not flat enough,There are hidden ripples。

“Dongshutang,It was also a famous item in the Ming Dynasty。This blue and white porcelain plate,The value is around 1.5 million!but,Because it’s just out of the water,I need to deal with it professionally。” Everyone was shocked again,I bought it for 50,000,Everyone is worried that the anchor will suffer。But now it seems,They all feel distressed for the Read More

Huazi didn’t dare to speak immediately,Looking at Feng Li。

Seeing Feng Li catching that guy was a big beating,While playing,Still scolding:“Let you seduce my wife,Say,Did you sleep?Oh shit!What i said!How do you feel that something is wrong recently……” Hu Yang couldn’t help but stare,What kind of show operation is this? People watching the excitement around are not sympathetic to the beaten old yellow,Contemptuous eyes Read More

Xiao Fan watched,Quite touched,After all, he helped plan this,He arranged the plane and everything,He really hopes that lovers can finally get married。

———— Chapter Four Hundred and Sixty Six Complete Shen Lin looked at Su Ran in front of him,His girl,Everything that was prepared for him at the moment turned red。At this moment, Shen Lin feels how correct his decision to marry him is,Cherish the moment。 Su Ran looked at Shen Lin,Watching everything carefully arranged on site,All Read More

So even though she is far away from Xiao Fan’s position,But I still ignore the pain on my face and body,Kneeled in the direction of Xiao Fan,Keep kowtow,Begging for mercy:“Spare,Brother forgive me,I don’t dare anymore,Never dare anymore。”

Qiao Shan couldn’t believe what happened before him,All the bodyguards were abandoned by him in such a short time。 Qiao Shan rubbed his eyes hard,He hopes that everything in front of him is just his own illusion,but,Fact is fact,No matter how many times Qiao Shan rubs his eyes,Can’t be changed。 at last,Fear appeared in Qiao Read More

The shop owner saw that it caused public outrage,Grit your teeth,Said:“okay,Don’t you guys say I’m not kind,I don’t want the 300,000 compensation you gave me just now,You quickly return my store treasure。”

The shop owner paid a big price for Huo,After all, the money that has been put in one’s own pockets can be vomited out,That’s worse than killing him。 But this 300,000 is compared with that jade carving,The shop owner still knows which one is more important。 As long as they can get the jade carving Read More

The so-called no desire is strong,It’s their mentality。

I like this way of getting along! Classmates came one after another,It’s all here less than nine o’clock! What surprised me was,I met my deskmates in elementary school for several years,It’s also Sun Hee who was rejected when I was in middle school。 Sun Xi was admitted to a prestigious school,I heard that I work Read More

Then let them live their lives with peace of mind,Be able to have her company,Will not be disappointed or feel lonely,This is what Lin Yoona thought,But the sky is not enough,Not everything can be as beautiful as people think。

Sometimes there is no easy word in the adult world,So often she has no choice,Can’t go back to see my parents,Although she was thinking,But I can’t get busy a lot。 She also knew that she might have missed the job,And next time,But if you missed the company of your parents once, there will be no Read More

But now it seems that mirrors are fragile and it is better to buy at last,First think about what else。

At this moment, Bai Qi suddenly thought,Want to buy a kettle。All the people on their side boil water in a large pot and fire。 Not as good as。Buy another electric kettle,In this case, just plug it in.。Boiled water directly,Not so troublesome。 Girl,There are many places where hot water is usually used,Those boys actually don’t know Read More

“What are you,Why is this seat called,Just answer your question like this,Why should I answer you??”

Long Da heard Xia Chenglong say this,It was cold at the time, but randomly coughed slightly,This time he,I had to curb my temper,At this time, the nine great dragons sighed in their hearts,This new owner I met this time,It’s really different from what I met before。 However, if Xia Chenglong has this attitude now,This prehistoric,I Read More

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