Month: May 2021

“Providence?”Chen Wenjin knows,He deliberately let the flea win,As a result, Flea deliberately let him win。

just……Why are fleas? The flea touched his face,Annoyed:“I flea talk and count!You won by your ability tonight,You are the hero,I won’t provoke the little fairy。Since you have won,We are friends,Not the enemy anymore。Just right,The place was deserted today,Call your brothers over for a drink together,I know。” At first glance,Chen Wenjin suspects that the fleas are Read More

If this is a Chinese restaurant with a lot of people,Her voice will soon be submerged in the noisy environment,But this is a high-end western restaurant,A restaurant known for its elegance,There are almost no loud guests,Even if the guests are unhappy,It’s just a small commotion,Will never attract the attention of the audience。

And she,Successfully attracted the attention of the audience,This appearance effect,What a sensation! The stunned waiter finally recovered,Smile again,Lean slightly,“Hello,please follow me。” “Who is this woman?When is this a vegetable market??Yelling,Lack of education!” “Such an upscale place,Why did you let this kind of person in??Look at her dress,Which looks like a serious girl,The world is getting Read More

“Only a national level cultural relic,There are more than 400 pieces。among them,The Yuan Qinghua that everyone has been talking about,Here is。The Xuande furnace I got last time,Here too。”Hu Yang said。

and,That Xuande furnace is also a treasure of the Ming Dynasty,Not Qing Dynasty、Counterfeit in the Republic of China。 of course,Was it made during the Xuande period?,Controversial。But its preciousness cannot be denied。 Not to mention Yuan Qinghua,I believe everyone has heard of,Move tens of millions,Even a treasure worth hundreds of millions。 Not long,Shown in front of Read More

“OK you know it yourself,Don’t ask me。”

Daughter is glamorous,My face glows,Very happy at first sight,Yang Qiuyun tastes a bit,Got up and handed her the account book,Reminder,“Don’t let your father see,He didn’t even know you changed your name。” Yangliu shrugged indifferently,Glanced at the bathroom door,Sneak out。 Her forefoot out,Lu Jinning wiped his hair out from behind,“Yaoer is back,I seem to hear her Read More


Wry smile,But seriously,Chen Geng went to the capital with Wang Xiaodong。 Chen Geng and Wang Xiaodong rushed to the Ministry of Defense,Someone immediately took the two of them to a conference room,Just opened the door,Chen Geng was choked by the smoke inside,Then coughed violently:Standing at the door,I can’t see what the innermost person looks like,You Read More

What Chen Geng said just now takes three to five years,Scared him。

Chen Geng shrugged,No direct answer,But to ask:“You should have a general understanding of the difficulty of this matter。” Implication:If it’s not too tricky,I will bring you to find Jotson、Can you solve this trouble in this way?? Pervez·Hatak stopped talking。 See Pervez·Hatak does not speak,Chen Geng stood up:“Gentlemen,We all understand,This is a big deal,It can’t be Read More

“Is not,Qin Feng boss,Didn’t you say you came to do good deeds??How comeLWhere’s Cang??”

“Oh,Many stars build Hope Primary School are looking for this place。Is there any problem with this?”Qin Feng came here leisurely。Then walk out of the airport passage。 Zhao Kuo is not a fool,He had long seen that Yamucha and Agai who were following Qin Feng were not Chinese,You can even see the soldiers under the warlords Read More

Is it because of the unaccustomed food?Li Meier quietly paid attention to the dishes in front of Zhou Ziyi,Secretly said something bad!

The body has always been in a tight state before,After all, I have seen Xiang Chen and Yao Yao’s methods before,Li Meier was thinking about being at home not long ago, whether to shut down the business again for renovation。 But both Xiang Chen and Zhou Ziyi showed great compassion,Let this conflict not happen,Li Meier Read More

“This is probably what David did with that James, right??”To say the enemy,Those are the two most serious suspects pinched right now。

“This is naturally。”Qin Feng said without thinking,Because apart from these two people,Qin Feng couldn’t think of it,What kind of person is this suspect?。 After all, many things are not that simple。 Qin Feng’s mood is also a bit complicated,This thing really shouldn’t be like this。 Thought of here,Qin Feng said with a serious face:“Can we Read More

Evil is the secret medicine,Is also popular,It’s an uncontrollable desire after gaining great power。

“The world of Arcanum Warriors is not as simple as you think。The ones you met before,It came out of ordinary people knocking out medicine,Actually very poor。 This seat is different from them,I am a warrior,Using secret medicine can make me extraordinary,Become stronger。As long as it is strong enough,The medicine can’t control me!Do you understand now?” Read More