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Women can’t marry 21 kinds of men if they are killed

Women can’t marry 21 kinds of men if they are killed ◎ Actor: Acting is life. There are too many movies, and you are hugged and hugged right and left. You are in a moody mood. You do n’t know which one you are. It makes it difficult to perceive his inner world.   ◎ Male Read More

Beware of pediatric food

Beware of pediatric food When Chinese New Year is the happiest time for children, there are a lot of delicious notes that they enjoy. Because children’s diet can not be self-restrained, they often eat too much and cause food stagnation. This is what TCM calls the food product.   Shiji is a common spleen and stomach Read More

May wish to drink some wine for conditioning dysmenorrhea_1

May wish to drink alcohol to regulate dysmenorrhea Liquor can both express affection and cure disease. “Ancient Chinese Medical Code” said: “Jiutong blood circulation, cold protection, medicine potential. Treatment of wind cold pain, acute muscle contraction, chest paralysis, cold heart pain. “Especially the use of alcohol to make pharmaceutical wine has been prevalent for several Read More

Summer shink,Laugh,“Do not worry,This respect is also one of my best works.,I won’t let it happen unexpected。

correct,senior,I have not thank you for your day’s asylum.。” “You are Welcome。” The master of the master is light,Sink,It seems some hesitation,“summer,Your refiner has been overlooked in the entire refinery field.,very nice,then,I also know a refiner genius.,He is my old man。” No waiting for summer,The master said the answer,“You should have heard of his Read More

Vomiting blood。

Then I don’t move.。 Talk long,But there is no slitness in the middle.。 Once in an instant。 Six-to-person Summer Summer,Murder。 at the same time,Summer ruthless punches have come。 Half air seems to have a heavy gas wave in a layer of jumping and tumble。 A loud noise,The boxing wind has a vast trend of Read More

“Why you two father and daughter,Like to explain?”

Fang Yu speechless。 Really is a family! Way of speaking,Almost exactly the same。 “I……I just want to know why!My father,But won’t change his mind easily……You can’t let me know or not?” Jiang Wan’er muttered。 “Have to say why,Should be this!”Fang Yu points to the uncut jade on his neck,Shen Sheng。 “This is an ordinary jade……Doesn’t Read More

It would be great to be able to deal with the Bull Demon King alone。

“He really said that?”The bull devil sits on the throne,Ask the golden crystal beast under his seat。 “Yes,That’s what the young master said。”The water-saving Jinjing Beast lay on the ground and replied。 “Hey。。。”The Bull Demon also sighed,If his son supports,It’s easy to deal with that Ming Taoist,Even if you don’t make a move, it Read More

“Is it,Emperor Deus!”Li Mingxindao,Some are particularly threatening to humans,Monster,Humans also have very detailed information on them。

And this big crocodile,The appearance rate of attacks in major base cities in South America is also extremely high。Admittedly extremely cunning,But also extremely powerful。The surface defense can be called the second largest among known monsters,Second only to the old dragon tortoise in the Pacific。 Even early in the monster riot,It is one of the monsters Read More

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