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Xiao Yanda hasn’t caught his breath yet,Buzzing around,He turned around,Revenant,The green brilliance is extremely dazzling,Ye Dao flew over at some point,He urged blood to escape Dafa in a hurry,Unexpectedly, it was a step slower,Green light flashed by,His arm holding the whip was chopped off,Glaring red in the ground,Xiao Yanda is gone。

“what are you doing?!”Li Tianzhen turned his head and shouted,Naturally angry at Li Xiucheng’s golden body,Don’t chase Panmang,But came to kill Xiao Yanda,Let the demon escape,Really broke the catastrophe,The golden body doesn’t say anything,Looking back and forth among the ruins,What seems to be searching。 But even angry,Li Tianzhen’s mind still keeps a trace of clarity,There Read More

“The strength is still not enough,If I have a general level,You don’t need to look forward like this!”Leo gritted his teeth secretly。

He knows that a general can’t do whatever he wants,But at least you can give the other side a warning。 Even the world government cannot ignore a general。 A general strong wants to get away,It’s hard to stop even if three generals are strong together,The strength gap is really not that big。 “Can’t improve the Read More

“7.5 kilometers northeast of the Guangdong-Guizhou Highway incident。”Gu Jian’s group became a mobile force,After Rescue Shen Yingjie,And was sent to the place where Li Tianzhi fell off the cliff,Currently working with local colleagues、Armed police soldiers searched for Li Tianzhi’s traces together。

“What’s the progress?” “No new discoveries yet,Three kilometers northeast,Is the southwest boundary of the famous Xishan Scenic Area,Steep mountain,Complex terrain,Difficult to launch search and rescue。” The reason for using the word search and rescue,Because of the weapons found at the scene,Contains blood from another person,Not one of the five corpses,And there is more than one Read More

Ate for a while,These women drank beer,But Xia Jian looked carefully,This Han Juan is really untouched,She has been drinking boiled water。

Wang Huimin glanced at Xia Jian,Lowered his voice and asked:“Mr. Xia didn’t mean to talk to me,You can speak now,I have eaten“ Come in from one,Xia Jian saw a different Wang Huimin,Although she said she was older than these women sitting,But she is well dressed,And the skin is much hydrated than before,It looks more dignified Read More

Another high white snow dressing today is some more open。

A some short pleated dress,A pair of summer high heel leggings small boots,The upper body is a very sexy nippy flower,That hollow is just a feeling of a different temptation.。 This is still his first time I see the high white snow.。 soon,Gao Snow took Li Hui Rong to a bobbining booth in the night Read More

In the noise,Suddenly remembered the applause,Everyone looked sideways,But I saw Han Yuncong clapping his hands。

“Everybody,Please listen to me……I know this ice jadeite everyone likes,But there is only one gem,Lest everyone hurt,I paid 21 million to buy back this jadeite,I think everyone has no opinion。” As the owner of the original jade,Han Yuncong’s identity is there,Who would offend him for a stone。and,The price of 21 million is far beyond the Read More

Of course, the experience of bringing old winter melon to whore is quite funny,But I can’t tell Xiao Song。Captain is more interesting,I’m just sorry bro,He made the famous village in the city“Master of Excellence”The growth experience of the fortune teller was vividly told to Xiao Song,Make Xiao Song confuse。

“The village in the city where you used to live was so interesting,I must go see it in the future,By the way, see this great master。”Xiao Song was so fascinated。 This effect made Li Tianchou never expect,He racked his brains on how to change the subject,Suddenly a person flashed in my mind,An old man full Read More

Not for a while,The sound of the chain falling off followed。

See this scene,The female emperor’s eyes suddenly brightened,The joy on the face is hard to conceal。 “Hehe,My little ice worm is omnipotent。”Zhu Minglang smiled at the empress。 “You help me up。”The female emperor is a little weak,Obviously some kind of love poison。 Her bare feet,Step on Zhu Minglang’s shoulders。 Crawl out of the dungeon,The female Read More

Ding Kelan’s words angered Tian Lu again。

Tian Lu raised her head and said:“Can you speak,What Miss Tian,What do you think of me,What about a beauty,Miss is the name of the counter girl,I am not。” “it is good,beauty!”Ding Kelan changed his mind immediately。 Tian Lu thinks these two words are not very pleasant,When basically listening to pass。 “How will you be here?”Tian Read More

and,Not as delicate as it has been since Xuande,Baizhong Shanda,Although the glaze is more delicate,But bright,Not as thick as mid-term hypertrophy、Flash green。Individual thick glaze turbidity。Mostly celadon glaze,The glaze is not flat enough,There are hidden ripples。

“Dongshutang,It was also a famous item in the Ming Dynasty。This blue and white porcelain plate,The value is around 1.5 million!but,Because it’s just out of the water,I need to deal with it professionally。” Everyone was shocked again,I bought it for 50,000,Everyone is worried that the anchor will suffer。But now it seems,They all feel distressed for the Read More

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