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In the inn,Chu Deirers left thought to right,But I always think this is not open.……

Although it is actually,Guo Giao’s famous place,Not necessarily so high,Ten eight nine is a giant whale to help,Write Guo Zhaoba’s cotton coat,Concentrated on board,make“Survive”Cotton coat,Proportion of Guo Zhaob,Actual ratio! But now,Whether it is to identify the truth of the fire,Or do someone deliberately,It has already been meaningful。 Even if Liu Sheng but Malaysia,Suspected seeds have Read More

The gun fired too suddenly,The people fighting around are all taken aback。A big guy who seemed to be the leader rushed up and slapped the shot man in the face,“Paralyzed,Die?Who made you shoot?”Then look around,Raise your head and whistle,Shout:“Withdrawn。”

The man in black raises his companion,Back off,Rush to their respective cars。 Li Tianchou who was fighting heard the gunshot,My heart suddenly tightened,But there are too many people around,Not too late to react,The opponent in front of you suddenly stopped moving,Retreat quickly。He stands firm,I saw Wu Jianguo who fell to the ground at a glance,Panicked,Could Read More

She laughed with a smile,“Oops,I am so afraid.,I am going to see,Have you had such a stupid child?,Let me sleep in the street。”

She suddenly faces a change,Looking at Blue Xinyin,“Don’t look at it,I am going to be like this now.,Who is?” Blue Xindao:“Even,You don’t have any repentance。” “repentance?” Jiang Jing is like a laughing joke.,“Haha Jiang Lantin”“My name is Blue Xin,Ginger。” Blue Xin’s eyes interrupted her words。 Ginger,Let her want to go to the past, those who Read More

Zhu Minglang look at these red agates、Platinum stone、Orange Nugget、Emerald,Eyes are straight!!

No wonder dragons like to collect them,Put these beautiful things together and let them bloom with their own brilliance,It’s the most beautiful picture in the world!!! It’s worth drinking by yourself,This forest dragon is also the cutest elf in the world。 “Bai Qi,Will that trick still work??”Zhu Minglang asked urgently。 How can Xiao Bai nod Read More

Jiang invincible listening this,Laugh:“Then let Jiang Yan go back to it.,This time I have something to help.。”

“Forehead,Solid”“hehe,Visitors can compare with us? And I didn’t remember the wrong words.,Xu’s grandfather is actively opened once.,We also give faces,Now let Jiangyue go back now,So what do you don’t say?,After all, if the woman is smart, I know Jiang.,You should leave,do you think so,Uncle。” Zhong I heard this,Frowning is not a wrinkle,But think of the Read More

Stirred lightly,Let the aroma and sweetness of red dates diffuse in the porridge,Zhu Minglang slowly passed the wooden spoon to Li Yunzi’s mouth。

Lai Yunzi hesitated。 “I took a sip while I was in the kitchen,Not hot anymore。”Zhu Minglang said。 Lai Yunzi took a deep look at Zhu Minglang,Tao:“You put,I will do it myself。” “You have to lie down,Blood circulation。”Zhu Minglang said。 Lai Yunzi is also a person on the battlefield,Severely injured,She actually knows that she only needs Read More

Since half a year ago,He got【Hunyuan Cave Sky Spear】,The origin of the marksmanship of secret communication,It is even trying to use this gun to display the method of combining mind and power。

【Hunyuan Cave Sky Spear】It is indeed a weapon that fits him very well,He can easily trigger the origin of the gun while swinging,And inspire the sky projection,Power surge。 Even if Li Ming’s marksmanship state is slightly inferior to the world state,But really want to fight,Li Ming is sure to fight in close combat against a Read More

Suddenly the office door was pushed open,Xia Jian frowned a little unhappy。Zhou Li flashed,Got in,She easily locked the door from the inside。

Xia Jian looked a little surprised at this extremely changed woman,I saw Zhou Li in a pale green fur skirt,The two slender legs under the short skirt have been put on flesh-colored stockings。 Her original length has been cut short,Two big earrings,With her handsome cheeks,There is an indescribable charm。Especially her chest,vThe neckline is very low,You Read More


Lie Xiong Ba is crazy,Twitching on his arm,Not only that,Screaming in your mouth,Like an evil ghost upper body。 Then the other party’s hair turned red,The face is covered with red lines,Terrible。 Xia Chenglong sneered,By compressing the flame,Let them forcefully enter the meridians,Are you not afraid of explosions?,I still think I’m going to die? ridiculous! Ridiculous Read More

So even though she is far away from Xiao Fan’s position,But I still ignore the pain on my face and body,Kneeled in the direction of Xiao Fan,Keep kowtow,Begging for mercy:“Spare,Brother forgive me,I don’t dare anymore,Never dare anymore。”

Qiao Shan couldn’t believe what happened before him,All the bodyguards were abandoned by him in such a short time。 Qiao Shan rubbed his eyes hard,He hopes that everything in front of him is just his own illusion,but,Fact is fact,No matter how many times Qiao Shan rubs his eyes,Can’t be changed。 at last,Fear appeared in Qiao Read More

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