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Difficult Entrepreneurship Unity Collaboration – Commentary of Huagu Guoli

Xinhua News Agency, November 11th, Qiji: Hard Entrepreneurship, Unity Collaboration – Hongqi Canal Spirit Review Xinhua News Agency reporter in Wen Jing, Han Chaoyang "Slim the Taihang Mountain, the river is in the mountains. Lin County is more common, swearing the rivers and mountains … … "In the 1960s, Lin County, Henan Province (now Linzhou) Read More

Cross-Strait Scholar Taipei praat over Sun Yat-Sen dacht

People’s Daily Online Taipei 16 september, "De eerste Sun Yat-Sen’s denken en vriendschapsseminarie" werd gehouden in Taipei "Pathers Memorial Hall" op 16e. Tientallen geleerden van de Taiwanese Straat op de nationale, burgerrechten en het levensonderhoud van de Mr. Sun Yat-Sen, de impact van de politieke samenleving aan beide zijden van het land. Het seminar werd Read More

12 autonomous expert service grassroots projects have been supported

Core Tip: Recently, the Autonomous Region Association identified 12 2021 autonomous regional expert service grassroots projects, and each project will receive 50,000 yuan or 100,000 yuan of funding. Xinjiang Net News (Reporter Liangle) Recently, the Autonomous Region Association identified 12 2021 autonomous regional expert service grassroots projects, and each project will receive 50,000 yuan or Read More

Brief stuurde een diepe genegenheid! Brief Douane, Haikou, Rural Left-achter kinderen, vrijwilligerservice-activiteiten officieel gelanceerd

Mensen Network Haikou 18 september (Song Tongtong) is een geestelijke gezondheid van het platteland links achter in Haikou City, verbeter de culturele geletterdheid van Haikou City Left-achter kinderen, krachtig ontwikkelen van plattelandsonderwijs, en uitgebreid de revitalisering van landelijke dorpen, Op 18 september, 2021 Haikou City "China Charity Day"–serie Activiteiten – Brief Caring voor Left-Actival Activiteiten Read More

Promote grass-roots Party organizations and members in-depth study and implementation of a new era of socialist ideology Xi Jinping Chinese characteristics

Carry out the "beginning of the heart do not forget, remember our mission," the theme of education, is a major deployment of Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the CPC Central Committee co-ordinate the "four great" to make, and it is a major political task of grassroots party building. In accordance with the arrangements Read More

Sichuan Dazhu: Agricultural Machinery Promotion and Development of Rice Harvest

People’s Network Chengdu August 27th, on August 26th, in the Juehua Town, Yuehua Town, Dazhu County, Sichuan Province, dozens of combined harvesters are busy in the rice field, and is launching the mechanized harvesting of glutinous rice. Far away, I can hear the roar of the machine, some of the people holding a bag, some Read More

The 2635 quota of the Baotou City, Jijaqi stagnation tourists are full.

Source: Inner Mongolia Daily, on November 13th, 2,635 stranded tourists who transels from the Tadge of Niji Buna City were concentrated in healthy monitoring periods, which were in line with the elimination of isolation, including 2135 in the 13th, and the remaining tourists will Leverail off the package.   For 14 days, as a city of Read More

Strengthen international science and technology cooperation and respond to global challenges

The 3rd World Technology and Development Forum on the theme of "Open, Trust, Cooperation" is closed in Beijing on the 7th. The guests said that the common challenge of human development needs to strengthen international science and technology cooperation, and China has made important contributions in promoting mutual trust in global science and technology community. Read More

Shanxi Bank 10 billion yuan special loan guarantees electric enterprises insurance for financing demand

  Original title: Shanxi Bank 10 billion yuan special loan guarantee electricity insurance for financing requirements October 15, the Provincial Finance Office, the Provincial Energy Bureau and Shanxi Bank jointly organized coal-powered enterprises to protect the silver enterprises. Shanxi International Energy, National Energy Investment, Huadian Shanxi Energy, Xishan Coal Power, Datang Shanxi Branch, Huadian Shanxi Branch Read More

It’s so slowly.。

If you stand all over the world,Hey with the family,So,Last ending,But it is the relish of the West Jin.。 Gao Biyi quietly left this housing,Sparse with patrols, do not speak,Then I came to another camp.。here“Hall”,The same is also bright。 really,These people with Li Da,In fact, it is also the same.。After the ministry got the cotton Read More

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