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Liao Wenjie doesn’t have so much ideas,Looking at the pretty face of the nine-tailed fox,While warning yourself,Face is the whole、Breast、Waist is pumping、Leg is connected……

General fake,Not the same is true,As soon as the pants are Schr?dinger,Take off,Gender,Nothing is borrowed。 Knowing is self-deception,But don’t say,Because the examples have seen are not a small number,Deceive,He is a bit letter.。 Nine-tailed fox is interested in losing Liao Wenjie,If you don’t make a mistake,First time,Liao Wenjie did not move,Not because of the rough Read More

Yang Jianye is urging:“You guys are still upset,Or everyone is gone!”

Liu Dunyue and Ma said they looked at each other and smiled,Zhang Zhiliang is also a human spirit and immediately understood,Also slowed down。 “What do you mean?” Liu Dunyue said with a smile:“Lao Yang,So what?,Does Centipede Naidan have anything to do with us??” Ma walked and said to the side:“You saw it just now,Chen Xiu’s Read More

and so,Although for tens of thousands of years there have been powerful people peeping into the ancient gods,But never succeeded,And the new generation of God Realm is becoming more sturdy,Thousands of years of history,Is their war history of conquering the heavens and all realms,Almost all powerful worlds have had wars with the gods,The most famous is the battle between gods and demons,Lasted for a thousand years,In the end, the gods won,Can be described as shining heavens,Hard to compete with,Since no one can do anything to gain the God Realm,The rumor about Tai Ah also faded。

Until the heavens began to die out、collapse,The legend about the congenital soil remains blurred,I did not expect such a magical treasure to appear in the hands of the Great Asura God,An unquenchable flame rose in the hearts of the few great gods and demons sitting in an instant。 Everyone knows,Possess congenital soil,Equivalent to having the Read More

Qin Ning dared to start with Lu Hao,Don’t have to say your sister.。

“meeting!” Lu Haozheng nodded,“but,I have mastered many evidence there.,Can not be sufficient to let her take a fierce,We have to wait for one, etc.。” The woman is very embarrassing,Many evidence is insufficient,Don’t help them。 Blue Xin looked at him with a distressed,“Um!Then you should care more yourself.,Before driving,Check it first.。” Lu Hao nodded,Looking at her Read More

“Secretary Wang!whats the matter,I don’t hear clearly on the phone”Xia Jian said,Walked into Secretary Wang’s office。When he looked up, he realized that there were still two people sitting in the office,Should be a couple,In his fifties。

When Secretary Wang saw Xia Jian,He said with a smile:“Mayor Xia!Please sit down。These two are Xiong Sanqiang’s parents,They came to you for his son” “Secretary Wang!You know about Xiong Sanqiang,Just tell them,There is no need to call me back from the construction site.!”Xia Jian said very upset。 Secretary Wang smiled awkwardly and said:“I have told Read More

Because Han Shanshan is the scenery of the school。

“Let it go,Let’s take a look at the class teacher first.。” Looking at Han Shanshan’s proud look,Li Hui is not hilarious.,Then follow the other party directly into the small courtyard。 Lang Lang’s reading sound,Still the same as before,Although it is a high high school,But there is still a very playful boys and girls。 There is Read More

And in a sense,Li Ming devours the origin of the law of destruction,Has lowered a trace of world beast

In order to deal with the opponent,The Beasts have set three plans。 First plan,A large number of Tier 1 and Tier 2 world beasts spread,Try to find the enemy,At the same time they recruited the servants they harvested in the universe,Identify。We must determine who the enemy is。Notice,Life bred in the primitive universe,All have small universes,Very Read More

Xia Jian sat down on a chair,Said in a cold voice:“Drink nothing。Speak!You pester me like this,What do you want?I can tell you Zhou Li,There is no hatred between us,You can’t do this to me。Are you looking at me,Just want to kill me?”

“You are too cruel,I look like a poisonous snake,Am I really like this in your eyes?”Although Zhou Li’s voice is very high,But there is still a smile on her face。 A look at Zhou Li’s appearance,Xia Jian suddenly felt uneasy。To know,Both of them are married,And this solitary room in the middle of the night,This is Read More

“Can’t advise,Let’s not talk about that clay sculpture。Tell me about your crutch!”Hu Yang looked at the old man’s cane。

Hua Zi immediately moved the camera,Everyone in the live broadcast room noticed the crutches,Don’t know what materials are made of,But it’s polished。 “Haha!Visual inspection is a treasure,I make a bet first,Bet on all my wealth。” “(Roll your eyes),All your property,Not all loans?” “Although I don’t know what it is made of,But it looks great。” …… Read More

“What are you,Why is this seat called,Just answer your question like this,Why should I answer you??”

Long Da heard Xia Chenglong say this,It was cold at the time, but randomly coughed slightly,This time he,I had to curb my temper,At this time, the nine great dragons sighed in their hearts,This new owner I met this time,It’s really different from what I met before。 However, if Xia Chenglong has this attitude now,This prehistoric,I Read More

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