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Bless veteran! Open the next journey of life

Military travel, the veteran used youth singing his life’s song, such as the water veteran used the spring of life, the spring of the life, these days, many air force troops organized special events to send a veteran to leave the troops and blessed the veteran for the future. 1 There is also 12 days Read More

2021 China Tourism Culture Week "Tourism and Country Development" Theme Forum Circular Development Prospects

"Tourism and Country Development" theme forum site. Su Yongcheng promoted the high-quality development of rural cultural tourism, and is the inherent demand for the development of rural industries. It is an important starter to realize the revitalization of the country. On the forum, Director of the Director of the Chinese and Foreign Cultural Exchange Center, Read More

Carry forward the spirit of floods and condense China

In the 1998 flood season, my country’s southern, especially the Yangtze River basin and the Nujiang River in the north, and a large flood disaster in the Songhua River Basin. Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, the whole people of the whole party united, and the rare floods in history have launched Read More

Comprehensive message: provoke the world split confrontation services US own hegemony – I have embarrassing the "Democratic Summit"

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 11th, Xinhua News Agency, foreign reporter reported: I am in multi-country to make a regular article in the country to publish a signature article or organize exchange activities, the so-called "leading the people’s summit" in the United States is "" Democracy "is divided by the head, resurrecting the cold war Read More

Qinghai Province strengthens supervision and inspection to ensure the implementation of "five management" work

  After the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education has been deployed for the "five management" work of the primary and secondary schools. The Qinghai Provincial Department of Education attaches great importance to the important content, careful organization, careful deployment of the people as the annual key work and party history education for the people. Read More

Revolutionary Old Address Classroom Red Gene Yongzhi Hunan Normal University Marxist College launched a thinking on-site teaching

Hunan Normal University ‘s Thinking on Site Teaching. The unit is awarded the map of Changsha, November 8th, yesterday afternoon, in a simple farmhouse at the foot of Changsha Yuelu Mountain, the medal classroom in Ying was in progress. The green tile white wall, the bamboo fence is surrounded, this is the old site of Read More

The Bank of China released the "Overall Survey of the Governance Supervision of Bank Insurance Organizations" in the 2021

People’s Network Beijing November 14 (Reporter Luo Zhi) According to the official website of the SMD, recently, the SPA has issued the "Overall Survey of the Governance Supervision Assessment of Bank Insurance Organizations". The assessment results show that under the promotion of supervision in recent years, the governance consciousness of banking insurance industry has gradually Read More

Shantou Yatan has received registration of 44 countries and regions

  Xinhua News Agency, Guangzhou December 31 (Reporter Zhan Weijia, Wang Haoming) According to the Shantou Yatan Executive Committee notified on December 31, 2020, 45 countries and in Asia have been reported on November 22nd. The Regional Olympic Committee has 44 submission of the first registration form, and 17 competition projects have clearly determined the technical Read More

His question at this time also represents the aspirations of 90% of the participating scholars。

As for Jackson who has been speaking·Losi。 Who is this young man? “of course,Serge,Would i lie about this kind of thing?What good is it for me?”Old John answered arrogantly,It’s just that the eyes subconsciously cross Serge·Aros,I also sat in the first row,But Wang Yufei is far away。 His young idol didn’t look at him,I can’t Read More

“She went to the land of Dongshan”

Chen Yueqin was talking,While taking over from Wang Youcai,Carried into the hall。 Wang Youcai is a little angry,He said coldly to Wang Degui:“dad!You can tell me if you need money at home,Why should Chunni go to the ground??Is she honest and good at talking,You use her as a servant” “Bastard what are you talking about?She Read More

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