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Beijing Normal University Government School of Management held 20th Anniversary of the 20th Anniversary and New Era Public Management Discipline Development Dean Forum

Recommended reading to adhere to the company-centric policy direction and service concept, establish a native and innocent new government and business relationship, then the government department can find the effective path to the system, and optimize the relationship of the government and to promote the business environment and promote Providing conditions for high quality development Read More

Chen Chunyuan: A kind of vegetable "" has a way to get rich

In the planting process, Chen Chunyuan is more important, so he actively participates in planting training held in town, using mobile phone to see, and urges the technical staff around you, continuously improving planting technology, but also summed up a set of extension and vegetablesProduction technology.In the spring, Chen Chunyuan is dominated by cucumber planting. Read More

China’s green energy technology benefits

  China supported the annual production of more than 76 million tiles in the Averaged 76 million, each year, helped to reduce 10,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The picture shows the photovoltaic power station of Kenya Galida, 12 December 2019. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xie Hao took the Chinese National Energy Administration recently released news, Read More

2358 sets of total property housing in Tongzhou District

  The reporter learned from the Tongzhou District Housing and Construction Committee that Tongzhou District Beitou and Yuanchang had a total of property housing projects and Shangchengjiayuan a total of online subscription registration on the 10th, lasting on October 24th, 2358 suite will face three categories. Family for sale.   Beitou and Court have a total of Read More

Russian dot in the first half of the year, navy construction results

In the first half of this year, the Russian Navy Frigbated, the Russian Navy continued to improve the size of the Ocean deployment and the actual combat training level, and new records were set in multiple fields. Russian media said that the Russian Navy continues to strengthen the construction of modern power and help to Read More

Promote the "four-way synchronization" in Beijing, "four-way synchronization"

  According to the unified deployment of the provincial party committee, from November 13th to 14th, the governor Wang Qingxian preached in Suzhou City and Fuyang City preached the spirit of the 19th China Plenary Session of the Party. He emphasized that we must study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of Read More

Shandong: before May ecological environment overall improvement of 9.6% year on year to better PM2.5 concentration

People Jinan, June 21 power (male snow) June 21 afternoon, the ecological environment of the Office of Shandong Province held a news conference to announce the province this year from January to May of ecological environment quality and straw Jinshao work. Reporters learned that the first five months of Shandong in the case of sand Read More

Perceived digital RMB inside and outside Boao

Original title: Perceived digital renminbi in the future has come. A "Digital Payment and Digital Currency" sub-forum became the hot look of the Boao Forum for Asia 2021. The forum has no seats in bed, and the long team has also rushed outside the venue. The forum is not sitting, and outside the venue, the Read More

Say,Zhou Shengjie took four bottles of flying Maotai to bring Li Hui to the private room with the wind.。

Li Hui Rong thought about it or took someone to ginseng.。 After all, this is Zhou Shengjie to prepare for him.,How is Zhou Shengjie’s heart to him?。 If he doesn’t have to use it now, it is equal to the face of Zhou Shengjie.。 Just when the two are just ready to sit down,Zheng Mingshan Read More

A Zhu watched the unbeaten,Oriental Big Education Lord smiles slightly:“I also drink。”

Invitation moon and pity stars are not interested in wine,Look at the side of Aizhi ready,Meal is very elegant,What is the style of Jiangnan,I don’t ignore Chu Deirers.。 They are interested in the dragon vear,Distribution of Longmuli Real,Be interested,Naturally hiding Chapter 1133 Discuss Put one sit down,Qiao Feng does not immediately mention,But drink alcohol、Get the Read More

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