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“Uh-huh!Gather,You are a bit,Cook more tomorrow,Everyone eats together。”

“it is good!I have a person who knows,Let him get more。” Le Yu smiles。 Looking at Blue Xin’s happiness,She finally relieved.。 “Blue,I will take you to visit tomorrow.?” “Um!Go away,With Xiao Jun, they went out together.,I haven’t played with them for a long time.。” “Good,Just,Let’s go see their brothers and sisters to pick a few Read More

When Xia Zecheng and Chen Erniu walked into Wang Youcaiyou’s yard,There have been a lot of people in the courtyard。But most of them are from the clan。They came so early,Are here to help。

As soon as they enter,Wang Degui greeted him personally,He helped to pass cigarettes to everyone,The happy mouth can’t close。Xia Zecheng took the cigarette he handed over,Said two words of blessing。 Will be seated soon。Rural weddings,Due to limited places,Sit down when you come,Let’s eat if you make enough seats。Originally, there were not enough people in their Read More

What Jing Fangfang said,Xia Jian felt his stomach was empty now,He might really be hungry if he doesn’t eat。

Don’t look at Fang Fang being very careless sometimes,Can take care of Xia Jianlai,She is so feminine,I have fried five dishes in total,Also made a soup。 Dragon Ball glanced at Fang Fang,Laughed:“So rich,Is there any for me?” “Yes!The two of us can’t eat so much”Fang Fang smiled at Dragon Ball and said。 Three people gathered Read More

I don’t know if Gao Wei lost his patience,It was Wang Youcai’s words that made him feel ashamed,I saw him say coldly:“Wang Youcai,Don’t rely on the backstage, you won’t be the last,I want everyone to eat this meal,Instead of leaving you alone。Beauty International, since you snatched it,Then this heart touching world,It belongs to me“

“If i don’t agree?“Wang Youcai’s tone suddenly changed,Asked coldly。 Gao Wei suddenly laughed:“You are such a lifeless fellow,Lu Monkey!Lead the brothers to me,As long as it doesn’t kill,I will bear all the responsibilities“ Monkey Lu is actually scared in his heart,But when the boss gave an order,He had to bite the bullet and shout:“Brothers,Give me Read More

“No way!To stop them!”Kasuga Hako also thought of this answer,Angrily said。

This sea area is the sea area of the Oriental country,Then those giant statues are most likely to fall within the territory of the East,The first one to face them directly,Is a citizen of Oriental。 Thinking about this,Kasuga Mingzi suddenly became anxious,Where can I calm down。 And at this moment,The green light in the eyes Read More

Xiaotianjian free fall,Firmly inserted on the ground,Followed by their bodies,But the situation at the moment is very bad。

Xia Chenglong landed,Murong Qianxue didn’t land,Her neck was severely grasped by a man,Make it directly empty。 There is no distinction between beauty and beast in the eyes of the devil,Everything will be a tool for venting after no interest。 It’s just that the things in front of you are very unusual,The picture at the moment Read More

unfortunately,Those who are willing to be recruited,Not enough strength。Even such a team of more than 20 people will lose directly against the original Tamron Special Team.。Let alone rely on these people to rescue。

Just when Zhong Fa was thinking about whether to fight to the death,He sat a dream。 When he woke up, he asked himself,Are you really going to die for Qin Feng??In fact,He feels his blood is getting cold。At least no longer impulsive! Just now,He finally saw the news that Qin Feng had been rescued by Read More

All over,Or the opponent’s first round of attacks is over,Xia Chenglong did not win and did not lose,The two sides tied。

But this is a good thing,Because he is still alive,The white fire cauldron will not disappear,For the dragon’s blood mushroom body, the pain to bear is greater。 Glanced down,The Millennium Dragon’s Blood Mushroom inside has changed,Those vines that want to protect the subject are already melting,As long as they melt, it’s more than half successful。 Read More

2015 Australian Open-Berdych wins Nadal and advances to the semifinals with a 17-game losing streak

2015 Australian Open-Berdych wins Nadal and advances to the semifinals with a 17-game losing streak Beijing time on January 27th, the Australian Open 2015 entered its ninth game day.In the first end of the men’s singles 1/4, the final upset, the No. 3 seed, although the 2009 tournament champion Nadal once saved three match points, Read More

IKEA Tmall flagship store goes online, initially serving consumers in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Anhui

IKEA Tmall flagship store goes online, initially serving consumers in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Anhui On March 10th, the IKEA Tmall flagship store went online. This is the first time that IKEA provides consumers with IKEA products and home furnishing solutions through third-party platforms.According to reports, the IKEA Tmall flagship store will initially serve consumers Read More