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“Fluttering bones were shattered to death by the opponent’s palm!”

“what!” Sun Yang leaned down,Groping on Sun Zhenyi,Sure enough, there is no complete bone,I wonder if I don’t have such a palm strength that can shatter all human bones in one palm。 The housekeeper on the side said:“Hall Master,I’m afraid this time Master Flapping Wings met a master!” “horse……Send someone to call back flapping wings!” Read More

After the Chu Deirers, I went to the pool of the Central stream.,Relivery,There are a few fat freshwater fish on the water.。

I don’t know if the crocodile pool in the bottom of the valley is connected.,But obviously for this bontown,I haven’t had a top predator for a long time.。 This is already the third day of the Chu Deirers in the Endless Valley.,Salted fish and drunk crabs have been exhausted——After all, he should now have arrived Read More

Suddenly Fang Fang shouted:“Xia look,The embankment of Taohe River has been repaired so long“

Only then did Xia Jian settle down,Looking to the front,I saw under the sun,Crowded,Everyone is busy repairing the embankment,Vocal,Machine sound,Can hear from far away。 I haven’t come back for more than ten days,This river embankment has been repaired out of Pingyang Town,It seems to be completed in a few days,This Ouyang Hong really has two Read More

“You can’t worry about it,Gamble or not?”

“Who is in battle?How to win or lose?” “A certain,And Venerable Huo Xing goes into battle,Limited to one day,If he has passed three passes,Bet‘Yes’,The opposite is‘no’Up。” “bet!” “I also bet!” “……” All bets are enthusiastic,But every god’s expression is not easy,Some seem to be laughing,But it’s really nervous,Some pretending to be proud,But hesitated,After yelling for Read More

Fang Na nodded,“We are a small business,Happy to see a small amount of money,Of course the spirit is better,Since you like him,Feel handsome,or,Give him to you,Let you play for two days?”

“You are willing?”Zhao Qianqian looked at Fang Na mischievously。 Zhao Luo got angry after hearing the conversation between the two,Where is the aura of a company boss,So in their eyes,I am just a plaything。 No matter how handsome the face looks、How good the brain works,No matter how glamorous you are,In short, it’s a plaything,Lower than Read More

“Obey the leader’s arrangement,Don’t you just stay in a village??I can eat this bitterness。If the leader has other requirements,You can just say”When Xiong Sanqiang said this,,Emboldened,I can see that he is sincere。

Xia Jian glanced at Secretary Wang and said:“Secretary Wang will personally arrange the specific work for you,But you have to be prepared for a protracted battle。Of course,Secretary Wang has too much work in town,He just checks your work every other time,Understand?” “understand,Hejiaping Village collapsed our town and several cadres in the village,I will never follow Read More

“I am the spirit of this world,but,Just the spirit of some treasures。

But the way of this person,If it can form Wanliu Avenue。” “Then,In the future,Must be,Supreme strong。” “in fact,In which world,No one dared to mess with。” “just,Don’t know this person,Can you grow up to。 Once discovered,Halfway,Must be killed。” “because,No one will,This world,One more strong,Share the power and power of this world with yourself。” Spirit of Time,Whispered。 Read More

But when I practiced against Huzi,Hit hit,I don’t have to use it deliberately,Just listen

———— 163 Silly brother’s experience of making stars There is still time before the ribbon cutting,Silly brother first took Chen Xiu to visit the company that has been renovated,I also met several senior executives of the company and several newly signed online celebrities and five-line e-commerce graphic models.。 Chen Xiu is embarrassed to mention it,Into Read More

“Ok!I think after we finish this treatment today,You can stop for a while。I make time to take you out for two days,You go back first,Let’s look at your leg recovery and talk about the subsequent treatment”

Xia Jian nodded,Smiled slightly and said to Xia Fei。 Xia Fei smiled and said:“My legs i feel,There is basically no problem。It turns out that all kinds of pain almost disappeared,I think the effect is great。Then I will listen to you,I’ll be back tomorrowGZ。Stop playing,I know you are very busy,Then any time to accompany me to Read More

And seeing this scene,But happy is on the sidelines“Director Office”Arthur of Inner War,He quickly put Qiao Tianyu’s side in conflict,Reported to Lily on the other side of the earth by phone。

And Lily, who was preparing for battle in the central bank’s trading command hall, heard that the investment industry leaders attacked Qiao Tianyu.,I’m happily jumping up。 Originally, Lily had crazily crushed Qiao Tianyu on absolute hard power.,And now every big investment circle has abandoned Qiao Tianyu,So since,Qiao Tianyu doesn’t have any chances to comeback.! Seeing Read More