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2021 CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival will be broadcast on September 21 in Sichuan Xichang

Original title: 2021 CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival ended on September 21, on September 21, the CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival was announced on September 13, and the cover journalist learned from the relevant propaganda people of CCTV Mid-Autumn Party, launched: in the middle of the month, 2021 Central Radio and TV Terrace Mid-Autumn Festival The party has ended Read More

Cui Yongsong, Qixian County, Henan Province: Issue a special way of developing a special planting

"The ‘Green Fumei’ of the vegetable industry is a rare vegetable in our Central Plains. Cui Yongsong, a chance, a chance, a chance, ”, a bumper, with his attractions, from the first time, Fulk the specification, scale planting, hard pursuit, experienced a seven-year history, successfully walked out of the development path of characteristic planting, and Read More

Curb the subway noise nuisance system rules need "hard"

Artificial intelligence reading: no rules are not square, to eliminate unclear behaviors such as loud noise, external electronic equipment sound, etc. constraint. When you take the subway, you will always be free to be quite disturbed by other passengers or the sound of mobile phones. Many people are very distressed. However, this distress in Kunming Read More

8 people in Yucheng County, Henan Province were unsatisfactory, deputy magistrates were dismissed.

On the 16th, Chen Fu Lei, the executive deputy director of the Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, the director of the office, the county magistrate of the county people’s government, the county people’s government is uniform, and the performance supervision duties are not in place, and the parties are seriously warned According to the punishment Read More

Town Interview 2 丨 丨 范 新 镇 镇 镇: 发展 镇 镇 镇 镇 镇 镇 镇 镇

  Your town, the world’s Sichuan. Xinhuanet launched "small town interview", conveyed thinking with the lens, and the small towns were in depth.   Our interview target is the leader of the town, surrounding the problems of everyone, and the historical and cultural, humanistic, characteristic attraction, blueprint planning, etc. of the host chatting in the town.   In Read More

Tianjin University Data Management Center Information Disclosure Unified Window Portal 6 Channels

Original title: The 6 channels of the portal yesterday as the unified window of the information disclosed in Tianjin University Data Management Center, the city big data management center portal officially launched yesterday, will fully, accurate, timely information release work, accept social supervision Improve the transparency and government service levels of government affairs.   According to Read More

The first China Urban Business Circle Development Conference held on October 26th

Jiefangbei business district. The Propaganda Department of Yuzhong District will be directed by the People’s Network Chongqing On October 25th, the first China Urban Business Circle Development Conference will be held at Chongqing Jiefangbei Business Circle on October 26. At this meeting, "China Urban Business Circle Development Report 2021" will be released, and the development Read More

These life habits are stealing the calcium in your body.

In life, some of our inadvertent habits are influence the body’s absorption and utilization of calcium. These bad habits will be unknown, so that the bones accelerate brittle and increase the risk of osteoporosis. Today, the experts of the slow disease of the Beijing CDC will talk to you, those bad habits that are stealing Read More

Qiu Jianxing: Building a standardization system belonging to Chinese medicine

Qiu Jianxing worked in the field of TCM’s spleen and stomach, and he was so sincerely. The Second Hospital of Guangdong Province is available on November 8th, and Guangdong "The most beautiful technology worker" award released in 2021. The first national famous Chinese medicine, Guangdong Second Hospital of China (Guangdong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Read More

“Just appeared that year,Destroyed the Moon Ming Sect among the eight major forces that year,The remaining seven forces join forces,But still by the Saito clan‘Dixian’Easily suppressed。”

“Breeze Sword School,Huoyun Temple was annihilated。Montessori、Longshi、The three families of the Yi family quickly surrendered,,Not wiped out,Since then, our Leiyuan small world has fallen into the rule of Saito。” Talking about here,Li Yun also sighed。 He did not go through this history,But his grandfather,When he was young, he was an ordinary handyman in Huoyunguan,Because it was Read More

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