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At this moment,The phone rings again。

Still a strange local number! Fang Yu answered unhappily,“I don’t need insurance、No money to buy a house、No need to borrow……” “Fang Yu……I am Doctor Qiu!I want to ask you for help!” Heard Fang Yu’s call,Qiu Tian is at a loss。 Fang Yu,How many salesmen have you experienced?? “I have nothing to do with the hospital……What’s Read More

With Wang Teng’s words finished,The people around looked over。

Such a thing,In fact, deep down in their hearts,It feels so。 And Jiang Ya smiled:“Then now,We can start preparing。” other people,No opinion at all。 After all such a thing,In itself,Actually it has been fully planned。 So where to start,at this point,Actually very important。 …… At this moment,For the other side。 In fact, Li Kangjie’s heart,I’m Read More

Blue Xin smiled and nodded,Looking at him:“And me?Know your birthday,Just think about what birthday gift,But you are not missing.,I want to buy a drill,But you will have a daily birthday gift.。I suddenly thought of my previous friends before Fan City.,Let her help me design a pair of diamond ring,One-on-one unique diamond ring。”

She went to the mall,Give him a tie and shirt。 “I sold you a tie and shirt.,All in your wardrobe。Those who are not a gift,As a wife, I,Prepare you。”She first bought men’s clothes,to be honest,The mood is still very excited。 Lu Haocang put her in his arms ,Handsome is full of excitement,The bottom of the eye Read More

“do you know?Director Ding,The case has already been filed,People are looking for a chance to catch him recently,I didn’t expect him to touch my hand”Xu Feifei said happily。

Xia Jianyi listen,Happy,He laughed:“French Open,Careless,This kind of garbage should have been caught long ago,If I meet other people tonight,Isn’t it troublesome” Xu Feifei nodded,Did not speak。Out of the Criminal Police Team,She smiled and said:“Captain Dong said that he would send us a car,But the local people asked them to try Director D’s case overnight,So we Read More

Xia Jian said nothing clearly:“The teacher didn’t tell you,Do you have to turn off the high beam when you transfer the car??“When Xia Jian said this,,He Jing may be afraid of Xia Jian,Also jumped out of the car。

“you are right,I really don’t have a driver’s license,You can call the traffic police to arrest me now。But I tell you Xia Jian,What’s going on,You just wait and see”Wang Youcai gritted his teeth and said。 Xia Jian said with a cold smile:“What’s the matter with us?” “You rode on my neck and shit,What else?Let’s not Read More

Sun Youtai said so,It’s actually protecting Wang Teng and Jiang Ya。

After all,In fact, Wang Teng and Jiang Ya have invisibly offended Wang Youwei。 According to Wang Youwei’s character,It is absolutely impossible for him not to retaliate。 “You said,What is Wang Youwei doing now?” Wang Teng turned and looked at Jiang Ya beside him,Slightly curious,Subconsciously asked。 It’s just after what Wang Teng said,obviously,at this point,It’s unexpected。 Read More

Zhang Siwei smiled,“Not not making money,I think I might lose money,Just pay the tuition,Not enough to hire a teacher。”

Xia Shuyue pouted,Don’t know what to say,Sure enough, there is a reason why Zhang Siwei is not optimistic。 “Is the venue rented??” “about there,Already optimistic,Just wait for the landlord to sign the contract,You can use it after signing the day after tomorrow,Don’t ask for the teacher’s fee,And the venue fee,Count it down,Must have lost。”Xia Shuyue’s Read More

This made Chen Xiu really convinced,I can’t even resist his body protection,Said it was three tricks,I’m already giving myself face,I’m afraid I can’t resist even a single move!

Chen Xiu is sitting on the sofa holding his head,Said very discouraged:“What do you say,I can’t just watch Zilin suffer like this and do nothing!” “Of course there is!” “any solution?” Chen Xiu suddenly got his appetite,Gu Rimou said in answer to the question:“Remember the plumXCount??” “of course I remember。That’s the treasure of my township Read More

“Prince sartu,Five minutes left,how about it,Are you interested in witnessing with me,How did my zero fund shake the tree,To defeatLTCMOf the elephant?”

“Of course interested!”Prince Sartu gave Qiao Tianyu a white look,Bringing Qiao Tianyu and Andre to turn and walk outside the office。 And wait for the moment the office door is opened,Qiao Tianyu couldn’t help being frightened by the formation outside the door。 Good guy! To deal with Qiao Tianyu and Andre,Hundreds of heavily armed special Read More

Then let them live their lives with peace of mind,Be able to have her company,Will not be disappointed or feel lonely,This is what Lin Yoona thought,But the sky is not enough,Not everything can be as beautiful as people think。

Sometimes there is no easy word in the adult world,So often she has no choice,Can’t go back to see my parents,Although she was thinking,But I can’t get busy a lot。 She also knew that she might have missed the job,And next time,But if you missed the company of your parents once, there will be no Read More

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