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“Although that’s what I said,But you like this,Isn’t it too risky?”

When Wei Yuyan said to Wang Teng with some curiosity,At this moment,Wang Teng did not forget to wave his hand in front of him,The whole person looks quite calm。 “Haha,What are these?” “Is it,Do i really care about these?” in fact,Looks at Wang Teng,Such a thing,The impact on myself,Almost completely negligible。 So looking at these,at Read More

“Where did Xiao Xiao go?I want to see her,You must tell me where she lives”Huang Ting asked very domineeringly。

Don’t mention Xiao Xiao,Mention Xiao Xiao,The anger in Xia Jian’s heart burst out,He turned,Point to Huang Ting’s head and say:“You are so embarrassed to ask,You are all shameless,So she can’t go back to her family now,You ask me instead,It surprised me that,The dignified deputy mayor is so mean” Huang Ting opened Xia Jian’s hand,Say viciously:“Young Read More

Hu Huiru can be the boss of the group,Naturally on her outstanding side。She glanced at Lu Xiuli and said:“Mr. Lu!Wang Wei did a good job in Qingshan County,You have to learn from his experience。From the end of the new year,You are in charge of Donglin Township and Pingyang Town”

Lu Xiuli did not expect that Hu Huiru would give her a task in front of Xia Jian。And these two places are all rural areas,This is incomparable to the real estate in Qingshan County。 “can!I will go to the countryside after Chinese New Year”Lu Xiuli said very reluctantly。 Xia Jian took a sip of tea,He Read More

Sun Yuejuan was in a hurry,Which one should I take care of after taking care of this?,Fortunately this isVIPWard,Nurse。

After everything returns to normal,The nurse took over everything,Xia Jian had to take a few old people back to the hotel。on the way,Xia Zecheng couldn’t help but sighed:“I didn’t expect that I wouldn’t be able to help at all” “me too!Watching grandson cry,But don’t know where to start” Ma Dongshan said a little depressed。 Xia Read More

This is not right,There are so many zombies who are not afraid of the sun?

Chen Xiu and Ou Sheng got out of the car in a hurry,Rush to the front of the convoy,I saw that Ou Sheng’s men had already turned fire with the zombies,To be precise, there are mostly zombies。 A hundred meters in front of the convoy is the sea tunnel,Inside the tunnel is a large swarm Read More

Rugged mountain road,Not easy to open at all,I almost fell into the ditch several times。Fortunately, a middle-aged man is here to help,The van finally got onto the road。

Xia Jian guessed right,This middle-aged man really doesn’t have a driver’s license,Otherwise he would not choose to leave the car at night。It’s not easy for everyone,Xia Jian didn’t care too much with him。 About half an hour later,A low building appeared in front of you,Zhao Chunling, who was sitting behind Xia Jian, reminded him:“Hurry up!” Read More

The ghost woman and evil spider fell back to the ground,It hides its body in the thick black mist,Then he crept around behind the forest dragon and Xiaolinlong。

The forest dragon has spotted the ghost spider,Shook the ground immediately,Drive the ghost woman and evil spider back。 Ghost woman evil spider immediately back,Ready to continue hiding in the thick black mist…… “Oh oh oh!!!!!” at this time,Behind the fog,A ferocious tyrannosaurus covered with silver scales and heavy armor was killed,It bows,Exposed the silver horns,Accurately Read More

After Jingtian heard the inquiry from Yue Buqun,,Said quietly,In his opinion,The so-called good and evil are really hard to distinguish,But he can’t accuse the members of Yingzheng’s actions as evil。

and so,He told Yue Buqun his thoughts,These three methods can advance Yue Buqun to the fourth level,It depends on Yue Buqun’s own choice。 “good?evil?I think it’s more suitable for me to sign in every day to earn points,Thank you Jingtian for your doubts。” After Yue Buqun heard the story of King Sedum,,Solemnly say,Whether it is Read More

“Not bad!”

Shu Tiance nodded,When talking again,The tone is also full of sighs。 “Outsiders kill me,How can I stand by?Something changed,I can only suffer you children!” Shu Tiance’s words made Long Qi dared to look up at the old man in front of her for the first time,This kind of character who has only appeared in legends,Long Read More

Chatted a few words,Zhang Zongping asked Chen Geng seemingly inadvertently:“Brother,I don’t know how much you know about the China American Liaison Office?”

“Huaxia Liaison Office in the U.S.?”Chen Geng thought for a while,Frowned:“Don’t know much,I only know that it is now the only official liaison organization between China and the United States。” Of course Chen Geng knows more than this,72Years after the historic meeting,Because China and the United States have not officially established diplomatic relations,For convenience,Dr. Kissinger Read More