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“Actually now,I think currently,The best solution,Actually start from here!”

When Wang Teng said directly to his eyes,obviously,Such a thing,Make those around you unexpected。 But then think again,Indeed。 but,Wang Teng felt more and more,Actually here in the warehouse,These things,It’s nothing at all。 “Forget it,Anyway now,Continue to struggle so much,It’s not that important anymore。” “So next,Where do I need to start,In fact, we need to think Read More

However, Wei Xiaoxuan estimates that Qi Jun is not very good.,Mainly a city that is very difficult to complete,Destroyed by yourself,And lost a lot of auxiliary troops。

Although the auxiliary military is only a statement of the people,But Wei Xiaothi knows,Auxiliary,In fact, bear heavy logistics tasks,And how the secondary soldiers said“Soldier”,Or after some basic military training and discipline constraints。 Loss one less one,It also takes time to train。therefore,Qi Jun is probably in the short term,I can’t launch an attack.。 Think here,Wei Xiao Read More

“is it?It seems that Boss Wang understands the fun of life well??”Du Xiaohong smiled,come over,Standing by Wang Youcai’s side。

Wang Youcai laughed and said:“Who doesn’t yearn for a better life!Beauty,beauty。Standing under the blue sky and white clouds,Nature is a natural picture”Which book did Wang Youcai read this sentence?,Just used today。 Du Xiaohong,Can’t help laughing:“Boss Wang is really a talent,It seems that not only understands life,More important is to understand the mood,I really envy you!” Read More

“Succeeded!”Shi Muluo clapped his hands happily,Then he stretched his waist with fists in both hands,Not waiting for Yu Zhe to ask,Holding all kinds of small objects connected to the instrument,Yu Zhe“Big five tied”Up。

“what is this?”Yu Zhe let the time go“Do whatever you want”,But seeing more and more things tied up,Finally asked with doubts。 “This is a polygraph~Maureen got it yesterday,Today, of course I have to try it quickly~”Shi Mu Luo said,The movements of the hands did not stop。 “See you are quite skilled with things。”Yu Zhe joked,Seeing Read More

“Mr. Zhu!So charming,Not afraid of me making mistakes?”Xia Jian avoided her topic,Said this deliberately。

Zhu Hui heard what Xia Jian said,Can’t help but smile and say:“I really want you to make a mistake,But you just don’t commit”What kind of eyes Zhu Hui said can kill a group of erotic men。It is a pity that Xia Jian has self-control ability that ordinary people can’t match.。 Zhu Hui still wants to Read More

“Oh oh oh,Little wife?”

“Master,We are innocent,But she may be the same as junior,I admire me more,Always say something inexplicable to outsiders,Misleading。”Zhu Minglang said。 Zi Miaozhu has left,Should be to spread the word。 The old lady Jianzun continued:“After all, I grew up with you,Sister Miaozhu worships you like her brother,Sometimes she can’t distinguish this feeling。it’s good now,You belong,Can also Read More

The two chatted again on the phone,Xia Jian found a reason to hang up。Xiao Xiao came over and asked:“Is it Hu Huiru’s call??”

Xia Jian nodded,So he asked Hu Huiru to go to Pingdu,Tell Xiao Xiao in detail。Xiao Xiao took a breath and said:“You are now an employee of Hu Huiru,Since we are doing less now,Then you go to Pingdu” Xia Jian thought for a while,Then nodded。It’s not justified not to go,Don’t say that Hu Huiru gave him Read More

Chapter four hundred and thirteen Flanking

Dim light,Li Tianchou and Wu Fang walked side by side into the small street,Soon I arrived next to the barbecue stall,Then sit down quietly。Yuan Huachong nodded their heads,Say hello,“It’s still early,Let’s talk about filling your stomach。” Wu Fang was surprised at the two plates full of grilled squid skewers,Half joking,“When did you downgrade and start Read More

of course,People like Fitch,Happy:“Who stole it?Good guy!”

Old Shen seems to have seen too much,Smiled:“Don’t be surprised,Every black market,You can see the stolen artifacts from the museum。Especially the organizer,Almost all stolen from overseas museums。” Black market can exist,Not annihilated,There is a certain reason,Do you really think the country doesn’t know?? in our country,It’s reserved enough。At least it won’t be put up for Read More

Huazi didn’t dare to speak immediately,Looking at Feng Li。

Seeing Feng Li catching that guy was a big beating,While playing,Still scolding:“Let you seduce my wife,Say,Did you sleep?Oh shit!What i said!How do you feel that something is wrong recently……” Hu Yang couldn’t help but stare,What kind of show operation is this? People watching the excitement around are not sympathetic to the beaten old yellow,Contemptuous eyes Read More

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