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14th Men’s Water Ball Qualifies in Rizhao

On April 12, the first station of the 14th National National Games Men’s Waterball Qualification Champion was held at the Rizhao Swimming Center. The duration of this qualifier is from April 12th to April 17th, from Shanghai, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Shaanxi, 5 teams, a total of more than 110 athletes. The water ball competition is Read More

Be brave: Thoughts "Two Establishment" really converted to "two maintenance" ideas consciously

On November 12th, the Hubei Provincial Committee Standing Committee (expanded) meeting was held, conveyed the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party, and arranged to deploy our province to implement the implementation.The Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee should be courageous and speech, deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Wang Zhonglin, Read More

2020 National Labor Model Cai Fenghui

Cai Fenghui, female, Han nationality, born in March 1975, Party members, university undergraduate degree, is now Beijing Sanitation Group Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. Tiananmen artificial cleaning class. Comrade Cai Fenghui has won the national May 1st labor medal, the national scarf, the honorary title of the "March 8" Red Flag Medal, "Beijing Outter", etc., and Read More

Can a trademark of the word "three rural" words can be registered?

Source: China Intellectual Property Report [Introduction to the Case] ??On April 27, 2016, Zhong Joe Three Nongxiao Agriculture (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (known as Zhong Qi Sannan Sannang Company) applied for registration No. 19780819 "Zhong Joe Third Agricultural Zhongqiaodasannong "trademark, specified on the items such as tea beverages in Article 30. On January 20, 2017, the Read More

Shenfu Demonstration Zone once again refreshed the time! 7-year-old enterprises

Opening companies are typically the beginning of business activities, and its convenience is an important indicator of a regional business environment, which has an important role in investment promotion and enhance economic vitality. Recently, in the third-party business environment evaluation, the frontier distance method used by the World Bank Business Environment Assessment is scored, and Read More

The Central Committee of the Communist Party held a "Hu Jintao Wenchuan" report

Http:/// v / = 391282 CCP held a study "Hu Jintao Wenyi" report will Xi Jinping issued an important speech Li Keqiang hosted Zhang Dejiang Yu Zhengsheng Wang Qishan Zhang Guli attended Liu Yunshan to read the "Central Committee of the Communist Party of China" Xinhua News Agency Beijing 9 On the 29th, the CPC Read More

Stem cell model reproduces human embryo early development

  According to a study published on the 2nd of the British "Nature" Journal, scientists have used people to establish a model, which can be used to study the process of human embryonic implantation. BLASTOID is the structure of an early human embryo, which accurately reproduces the key stage of human embryonic development in the study, Read More

Pingba Shaw Village ecological management to broaden the new "rice" Road

Winter, into the town of Shaw Village Baiyun Camel Hill Par, Guizhou dam meters Co., Ltd. "Tri symbiosis" breeding base Pingba, Anshun City, the duck voice cried, fish shuttle. " ‘Three things symbiosis’ that is common growth of plants, animals, microorganisms, plants consisting mainly of rice, the animal was a duck and fish, microorganisms extracted Read More

Puding County People’s Armed Forces held "Xin Taiwan’s national defense parents, family and children in military camp" and commendation

In recognition of advanced, establishing a typical, building a more strong recruitment promotion atmosphere, recently, Puding County People’s Armed Forces held "Xin Taiwan national defense parents, family and children in military camp" seats and commendation. The Standing Committee of the Popular County Party Committee, the county people’s political committee governance committee will be attended the Read More

Society nowadays,Rich is uncle。Wang Youcai chose the air conditioner in the mall,And add 100 yuan to each table,Let them install it that afternoon。They just walked on the front foot,The air conditioner and the air conditioner are here。This Chen Yueqin can’t close his happy mouth。

Everyone wants their children to be successful,Wang Degui never expected,He thinks the worst child,Instead, they are more reliable。Although the second son, Wang Youdao, is the mayor of Pingdu,But his father is not only good,His son really didn’t let him enjoy anything substantial。 The eldest son is also the head of the first factory,The person in Read More

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