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Society nowadays,Rich is uncle。Wang Youcai chose the air conditioner in the mall,And add 100 yuan to each table,Let them install it that afternoon。They just walked on the front foot,The air conditioner and the air conditioner are here。This Chen Yueqin can’t close his happy mouth。

Everyone wants their children to be successful,Wang Degui never expected,He thinks the worst child,Instead, they are more reliable。Although the second son, Wang Youdao, is the mayor of Pingdu,But his father is not only good,His son really didn’t let him enjoy anything substantial。 The eldest son is also the head of the first factory,The person in Read More

pathology!Only pathology!I tell them。

She doesn’t seem to know what the pathology is。So I explained to her.,It is through various invasive means,Such as surgery、Or bronchoscope, etc.,Find a lump,Take out a little tissue from the lump,If you see a cancer cell,That is lung cancer。This is called pathology。 picture What is the meaning of invasivity??I don’t want surgery。Patient is a bit。 Read More

“it is good,Do as you say!”

Hu Yongchang agreed。 Received an order to come in,Li Yan is a little dazed。 How is this going? Mr. Hu never likes to eat with others。 Especially those who are not familiar! Furthermore,She is just a little assistant。 “Miss Li,You don’t sit down?” Fang Yu saw Li Yan standing,Puzzled。 “Assistant Li,sit down!” Hu Yongchang ordered。 Read More

Wang Youcai thought for a while and asked:“when are we leaving?I’ll see you off when I have time”

“End of this month,The rent is also due,I cleaned up and transferred all the house to Julan。Then I will take the big bus back”Xu Lihong took a breath after speaking。 Wang Youcai nodded and said:“also!Since you made this decision,Then do what you think,What difficulties did you encounter at home,Just call me” “Good brother,Can meet you Read More

Not waiting for this person to finish,The strong man’s eyes suddenly shined,Grinned:

“Big brother,That guy’s training in the Sanda Gym is quite amazing,How about we post the secretly recorded video online,Then this kid will definitely be in trouble!” Lin Cheng stood up and kicked,Kicked the strong man back again and again,Scolded loudly: “How many masters of video fraud you don’t know?Who will believe it?We didn’t deal with Read More

“You fell asleep?”I saw Zhao Chunling buttoning up,Xia Jian couldn’t help asking。

Zhao Chunling laughed and said:“It seems like this situation tonight is not to sleep。I’m waiting for Mayor Tong to come out,Also want to take a bath,The conditions in Donglin Township are too bad” Xia Jian could only smile awkwardly。He walked inside,The scene on the bed made his blood surge。Zhao Chunling won’t tell him。 I saw Read More

“Which car is Aunt Xiao’s?”Xiao Chenchen stopped brushing her teeth,Asked in his tender voice。

Xia Jianying said:“Yes!Why do you think Aunt Xiao’s car is beautiful,Is it unique to sitting??” “of course,If it’s Aunt Xiao’s car, I will take it,Don’t take your car,Ugly”Xiao Chenchen said,Put down the toothbrush and start to face。The washbasin is too high,He can’t reach。Xia Jian hurriedly pumped him water into the washbasin。 The little guy saw Read More

“I hope you speak well,If i am not satisfied,You can wait to die!”

Leo pinched each other’s neck,Even if the other person is not an ordinary person, he can’t live for three minutes。 In other words,If Leo is not satisfied within three minutes,He is dead。 Leo only needs to raise his hand for three minutes。 “Cough,Lord Leo,You can’t do this!I amCP5Sir,You as the navy,How can you shoot me!” Read More

“That is……” Osheng did not speak,Just hold his palm tighter。

this moment,He is everything to her。 All the country and the city are dismissive! …… The helicopter sent Osheng home first,Chen Xiu did not stay。 Although very scumbag,At that time, he was really anxious to go back to see Wang Zilin’s situation。 “Where’s Zilin?” Back to Gu Rimou’s villa in Repulse Bay,Chen Xiu is out,Only Read More

“boss,I don’t know if you still remember the batch we sold before‘unicorn’Ford Mustang?”Anderson couldn’t help but ask。

“of course I remember,”Chen Geng nodded。 How could he not remember?Not only remember,I even remember some interesting things that happened during that time.。 “I can even remember most‘unicorn’User’s name。”Chen Geng said to Anderson:“Those ones‘unicorn’User,Many are our loyal users,They even brought us a lot of business。” Anderson nodded,On this matter,What he admires for his boss is Read More

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