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“So many works,Which one do you like best?”Yu Shi then asked。

Ji Yunfeng thought for a while,Point to one of the models:“This one。This is a teaching building designed for a Hope Primary School in Guangxi,Free。” Yu Shi took the model and looked at it,I imagined what the teaching building looks like in my head,Admired:“Ok,Looks great。I didn’t expect you to be so loving。” Ji Yunfeng was silent Read More

“Stop talking,He called the police,You all got the transcripts that were sent to be investigated”The man in the police uniform has a serious face,Don’t say anything extra。

Xia Jian gave Ouyang Hong a gesture,Ouyang Hong said no more,But got into the police car with Xia Jian。on the car,Xia Jian glared at Chen Xiaohu,But this tall man,But Xia Jian was so scared that he didn’t even dare to lift his head。 Take a transcript。Xia Jian hasn’t done anything like this,Just this kind of Read More

Xia Jian did not hesitate more,He bent over and carried Chen Jing up,Li Xue hurriedly helped Gu Yue,A few people walked towards the door。

At this moment,Xia Fei opened the door and walked in,She whispered:“Xu Sanduo is in the left room,Are discussing something with a few people。 “Rush down the stairs quickly,Caught them off guard。I guess,The stairs on the second and third floors should not be guarded,There should be a sentry on the first floor,Everyone pays attention to“Li Xue Read More

The so-called training is naturally terrible torture,Disperse everyone’s heart and dignity completely,Let them obey the slave owner’s orders,I dare not resist even if I die。

It’s risky to use slavery,The weak chickens of the Tianlong people dare not use it casually,Otherwise, the slave will rise up and die with the Tianlong people,They have to cry to death。 “Box these people leave it to you,You watched,If someone wants to go back, you give them some travel expenses to send them away,If Read More

Although no loopholes in the pound exchange rate risk prevention and control system have been found,However, Qiao Tianyu discovered deeper information hidden in that system,So Qiao Tianyu“Chase after victory”,Use this as a breakthrough for in-depth analysis。

Anyway,Qiao Tianyu absolutely does not believe that there is anyone in this world who can put forward such advanced design concepts 14 years before him.。 Otherwise, the design concept of the previous life cannot wait until 14 years later.2008Qiao Tianyu and others brought it up again。 So Qiao Tianyu made a very bold guess,The author Read More

But now it seems that mirrors are fragile and it is better to buy at last,First think about what else。

At this moment, Bai Qi suddenly thought,Want to buy a kettle。All the people on their side boil water in a large pot and fire。 Not as good as。Buy another electric kettle,In this case, just plug it in.。Boiled water directly,Not so troublesome。 Girl,There are many places where hot water is usually used,Those boys actually don’t know Read More

Sun Ningning and Zhou Chengyu are old irons who grew up in a kindergarten,Know his background well,I don’t understand his purpose。

until one day,I found him lying on the table watching the sleeping willow,I understand that this kid is fascinated by Chun,Just don’t know if he knows。 Simply selling answers is still narrow,The ghostly Sun Ningning found a business opportunity,Encourage those idiots to write love letters to Zhou Chengyu,And told them quietly,Yangliu knows him well,Only the Read More

In a blink of an eye,Brother Lie took over twenty men,I’ve already reached Lu Menglin and Wang Shaoxiao。

.。m. ———— text Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Four Take advantage “Brother Lie!” “Brother Lie”The two on the ground saw the reinforcements coming,Get up immediately,Lower eyebrows。 “Snapped!Snapped!”The middle-aged man with beard straightened his face,Backhand is slap in the face,The two almost lay down again。 “waste!You are also worthy to shout Lao Tzu?Lost my face,Roll aside!”Lie Read More

2015 America’s Cup draw: Brazil touches Colombia Argentina PK Uruguay

2015 America’s Cup draw: Brazil touches Colombia Argentina PK Uruguay On November 25th, Beijing time, the 2015 America’s Cup draw was announced. Host Chile and Mexico are in the same group, Argentina and Uruguay, Paraguay are in the same group, and Brazil and Colombia are in the same group.There are 12 teams participating in the Read More

Sun Shengxi teamed up with Ba San Yao to sing the I Want to See You egg song, only 24 hours of creation

Sun Shengxi teamed up with Ba San Yao to sing the “I Want to See You” egg song, only 24 hours of creation After the hit drama “Want to See You” aired in mid-November last year, it finally came to an end.The plot combines romantic traversal and multiple integration, with tailor-made multiple songs, becoming a Read More