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De centrale propaganda-afdeling en andere ministeries hebben gezamenlijk een wijdverbreide uitgegeven om kameraden zoals Huangqun uit te voeren.

    Om de belangrijke instructies van generaal Secretary Xi Jinping serieus te bestuderen, is de centrale toonaangevende kameraad, onlangs, de afdeling Centrale Organisatie, de afdeling Centrale Propaganda, het Comité inzake staatsbedrijf, eigendom van activa en metaalcommissie, waarvoor nodig is Ernstig leren om de belangrijke instructies van algemene secretaris XI Jinping, uitgebreide kameraad te implementeren, dus Song Read More

Coner to protect the cultural treasures and natural treasures of all mankind (Wanghai Building)

  Recently, "Quanzhou: Song Yuan China World Ocean Trade Center" was allowed to include "World Heritage List" at the 44th World Heritage Conference, adding a 56th Pearl to China’s World Heritage Baoku.   President Xi Jinping pointed out that "World Culture and Natural Heritage is an important result of the development of human civilization and natural evolution, Read More

De gezonde voedingsindustrie is booming en de glazuurproducten worden ontwikkeld tot de snelstrook.

In de afgelopen jaren gebeurt het nationale gezondheidsbewustzijn van de belangrijkste overdracht van de behandeling om te voorkomen, en de mensen met een sterke consumptie en zullen het toenemende niveau van hun gezondheid hebben, waardoor de snelle groei van de volledige markt voor de gezondheidsverbruik en het sterke is opkomst van enzymen. Lu Tao, secretaris-generaal Read More

3 cases of diagnosed cases in Shanxi Province

  Original title: [Cautiously do a good job of normalization of normalized epidemic prevention] 3 cases in our province, 3 cases of confirmed cases November 8, the website of the Provincial Division Committee announced the new coronary virus pneumonia epidemic situation.At 0-24 November 0-24, there was no new neoplactic diagnosis of new coronary pneumonia in our Read More

Resolutely put a new mission to write a new chapter

Original title: Resolutely picked up the new mission to write a new chapter to enter the new journey, and the new era of success. In the eager expectation of the people of the province, the Chinese Communist Party Jiangsu Province, the 14th Congress of Jiangsu Province opened today, and we express congratulations on the convening Read More

Something, Sino-US dialogue, 芮 效: Why is the US "starting from the strength of strength" and China?

Data Map: China Flag and American Flag. Image Source: People Visual Wang Hui Yao: We hope to explore how to easily remove Chinese and American friction through dialogue, one of them is very concerned about the virus traceability. What do you see about this?芮 效 俭: On this issue, we should engage in cooperation rather Read More

Struggle 100-year road to set sail new journey · Shenzhou Tour | Chongqing: Gather "two high" near Yuyuan

  Xinhua News Agency, Chongqing, May 27th: Chongqing: Gather "two high" near Yue Yuan came to Xinhua News Agency, Li Yong, Zhang Guilin, Tao Ye, Chongqing Central City, Changjiang, Jialing River Double River Intersection (Edited December 21, 2020). Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Xiao transformed into the innovation of hot soil from the old industrial base, Read More

This group of students, in the black soil youthful

  Xinhua News Agency, Changchun, August 4 – Problem: these students, youthful Xinhua News Agency reporter Ding Mei, Zong Wei, Xue Feng Chin grain-producing counties in the country in the black soil – Lishu, talking about what the village of corn kind of well, the villagers four trees three trees Township village two groups of very Read More

Science and Technology Helps Regional High Quality Development Social Sciences into Tiexi District Science and Technology Docking will be successfully held

  Xinhuanet Shenyang March 19th (Tang Xiaoyu) On March 18th, the "Chinese Academy of Sciences went into Tiexi District Science and Technology Dip" held at the Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee. The Shenyang Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences serves as a police station in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and has Read More

“what,What did you say?”

Liao Jie turned,Hand holds two ancient books,One is like the palm,A seven spin。 “Ah this year” The old face is red,Baba Road:“Yes, I am wrong.,I thought you saw Yunlu National Color Tianxiang,What is the color?” “You are,How can I get white with empty?!” Liao Jie’s angelicry will cover two cheats into the arms,Go on the Read More

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