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The result of the test came out soon,Liu Ying is indeed pregnant。This is how to do?It’s hard for Wang Youcai,He is a man who knows very little about this,And Liu Ying is helpless。

Wang Youcai suddenly thought of Xu Lihong,This woman passed Fengyue,I should understand this aspect best。As the saying goes, if you walk too much at night, you will always meet ghosts.,He doesn’t believe Wang Youcai,She Xu Lihong hasn’t encountered this for so many years? Thought of here,He immediately called Xu Lihong。In the morning,Generally, it is relatively Read More

After all, this is just a gift,Each treasure is worth five to six hundred thousand cubic meters of Chaos Spirit Liquid,Together, it will not exceed 3 million cubic meters of Chaos Spirit Liquid。

For the pinnacle,This wealth is really not much。 Gifted treasure,The messengers of the five forces are not in a hurry to enter the topic,Each other is a great Taoist,Although the strength is better than‘Ming Daojun’Definitely a lot weaker,But sitting and talking with each other is good for me。 Li Ming is good at formation、Daojun Yun Read More

Since we met,It’s fate。

———— First53chapter New Dragon Pet Zhu Minglang bit his finger,Draw a picture quickly on the forehead of this little young dragon cub,This image is the spiritual agreement,Is signing with this dying soul。 Little cubs basically did not refuse,The internal organs are all fragmented, it probably doesn’t have any resistance。 Its soul,Involved with Zhu Minglang under Read More

“Mr Olson,Don’t worry,”Chen Geng made a gesture,Signal Olsen to stay calm,Listen to yourself first:“You should understand,Olson,In fact we all know,Since returning from Corolla,Mr. Bell has decided to leave。

the most important is,After the reorganizationDECTechnical department requirements are organized、has plans、Ability to strictly enforce your orders,But Bell is lively and interesting first、so excited、Mysterious charm,He must not tolerate this highly organized and disciplined environment……” Looking at Olsen,Chen Geng’s slow way:“Don’t you understand?After reorganizationDEC,It’s no longer the kind of company Mr. Bell is used to。” “……” Olson Read More

“Wait a minute!There is no prohibition on the children’s law against each other of the same age!I think the child’s voice is immature,Simple face,Should be a minor?Why can’t you challenge Qin Chusheng?”The elder Yasi with a muffled voice suddenly said abruptly。

“Elder Ding,What do you mean?Haven’t we discussed this before??”The black robe elder’s face sank,Whispered。 The elder Ding laughed twice,Shook his head:“Nothing interesting!One yard owned by a yard!Do you think that Qin Chusheng is protected by the Childhood Code,Should not be sentenced,I have no opinion。But now someone challenges him,This is another thing。I, Ding Dian, always act Read More

Qin Fengyi listened,I understand that evil cultivation must be a curse at that time。“Qin Feng,Who the hell is that?,If it doesn’t work, let’s call。”

Looking at the door of the completely destroyed bedroom,Jiang Yan was scared for a while,Fortunately Qin Feng is here today,Otherwise really Something big happened。 Qin Feng shook his head and said:“That’s a cultivator,Ordinary people are not opponents at all,Even calling is useless。” “Don’t worry about this,I will live next to you from now on,If someone Read More

“Providence?”Chen Wenjin knows,He deliberately let the flea win,As a result, Flea deliberately let him win。

just……Why are fleas? The flea touched his face,Annoyed:“I flea talk and count!You won by your ability tonight,You are the hero,I won’t provoke the little fairy。Since you have won,We are friends,Not the enemy anymore。Just right,The place was deserted today,Call your brothers over for a drink together,I know。” At first glance,Chen Wenjin suspects that the fleas are Read More

“This is probably what David did with that James, right??”To say the enemy,Those are the two most serious suspects pinched right now。

“This is naturally。”Qin Feng said without thinking,Because apart from these two people,Qin Feng couldn’t think of it,What kind of person is this suspect?。 After all, many things are not that simple。 Qin Feng’s mood is also a bit complicated,This thing really shouldn’t be like this。 Thought of here,Qin Feng said with a serious face:“Can we Read More

Mulan has new material!Photographer praised Liu Yifei for his professionalism, real shots of war scenes

“Mulan” has new material!Photographer praised Liu Yifei for his professionalism, real shots of war scenes Sauna Night News February 13th, foreign media exposed multiple new images of Disney’s live-action movie “Mulan”. Mulan red costume played by Liu Yifei appeared, dancing swords in the building, and the water surface also showed her reflection.The film was released Read More

Vietnam Olympics Lin Liangming will be absent, Hiddink looks forward to meeting old friends again

Vietnam Olympics Lin Liangming will be absent, Hiddink looks forward to meeting old friends again The Yellowstone Football Invitational will continue tomorrow night, and the Chinese Olympic Games will face the Vietnam U22 team.Olympic coach Hiddink confirmed at the pre-match press conference held this evening that Lin Liangming, who scored a perfect goal against North Read More