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Sun Yuejuan was in a hurry,Which one should I take care of after taking care of this?,Fortunately this isVIPWard,Nurse。

After everything returns to normal,The nurse took over everything,Xia Jian had to take a few old people back to the hotel。on the way,Xia Zecheng couldn’t help but sighed:“I didn’t expect that I wouldn’t be able to help at all” “me too!Watching grandson cry,But don’t know where to start” Ma Dongshan said a little depressed。 Xia Read More

obviously,Such a thing。

Actually speaking,It’s unavoidable,Coming more and more tricky。 And looking at these,at this time,Wang Teng is very casual。 But I just looked in front of my eyes a little bit,at this time,Wang Teng is very indifferent。 “Humph,right now,You have to make a choice。” “otherwise,You won’t have any chance!” At this moment,With Wang Teng’s words finished,Yang Gang Read More

Wang Degui walked twice in the yard,And went back to the room。After Wang Youcai followed him in,He lowered his voice and said:“Don’t worry about these messy things from now on。Just like you said,Come and not come are the same”

“Hey!Brother is a silly book reader。Apart from bringing a suit for your mom this time,Did not bring anything to the house。We don’t lack anything right now,He brought something back,Can be considered a little bit of his heart,But he didn’t do it”Wang Degui said sadly。 Chief Wang Youcai said with a sigh:“forget it!Don’t think so。Second brother’s Read More

This turn doesn’t matter,I saw the jeep of the Oscar team appeared behind them in the distance。There are two people in the car,They are the driver banana and the sudden breakup pineapple。

“Let go!”Anna Cao stomped the accelerator to the end,towardsCPoint rush,The crimson roadster she drove leaped in mid-air,Explosive exhaust gas rolled up flying sand and gravel,Leaving the Oscars’ Jeep behind。 “Who said that I would eat ashes behind my ass??” ———— Prelude-newborn Chapter Forty Six Stronghold “Fucking!Isn’t the opposing team without drivers??Who else can drive the Read More

Dragon Nine took the back of Liao Jie’s back:“okay,Don’t install pity,With your own business,I can’t take you.,Remember to dress up with your handsome,Buy a meeting again。”

“I have no pity,Just take the opportunity to eat tofu。” “” Town Villa。 Chen Xiaozi who left Hong Kong Island for a year to sit on the sofa,In the past, he was a hooligan of unemployed.,Return house at the foot of the mountain,Now he is the legend of the gambling,House living on the top of Read More

In the noise,Suddenly remembered the applause,Everyone looked sideways,But I saw Han Yuncong clapping his hands。

“Everybody,Please listen to me……I know this ice jadeite everyone likes,But there is only one gem,Lest everyone hurt,I paid 21 million to buy back this jadeite,I think everyone has no opinion。” As the owner of the original jade,Han Yuncong’s identity is there,Who would offend him for a stone。and,The price of 21 million is far beyond the Read More

“Obey the leader’s arrangement,Don’t you just stay in a village??I can eat this bitterness。If the leader has other requirements,You can just say”When Xiong Sanqiang said this,,Emboldened,I can see that he is sincere。

Xia Jian glanced at Secretary Wang and said:“Secretary Wang will personally arrange the specific work for you,But you have to be prepared for a protracted battle。Of course,Secretary Wang has too much work in town,He just checks your work every other time,Understand?” “understand,Hejiaping Village collapsed our town and several cadres in the village,I will never follow Read More

“I am the spirit of this world,but,Just the spirit of some treasures。

But the way of this person,If it can form Wanliu Avenue。” “Then,In the future,Must be,Supreme strong。” “in fact,In which world,No one dared to mess with。” “just,Don’t know this person,Can you grow up to。 Once discovered,Halfway,Must be killed。” “because,No one will,This world,One more strong,Share the power and power of this world with yourself。” Spirit of Time,Whispered。 Read More

“Uh-huh!Gather,You are a bit,Cook more tomorrow,Everyone eats together。”

“it is good!I have a person who knows,Let him get more。” Le Yu smiles。 Looking at Blue Xin’s happiness,She finally relieved.。 “Blue,I will take you to visit tomorrow.?” “Um!Go away,With Xiao Jun, they went out together.,I haven’t played with them for a long time.。” “Good,Just,Let’s go see their brothers and sisters to pick a few Read More

“You fell asleep?”I saw Zhao Chunling buttoning up,Xia Jian couldn’t help asking。

Zhao Chunling laughed and said:“It seems like this situation tonight is not to sleep。I’m waiting for Mayor Tong to come out,Also want to take a bath,The conditions in Donglin Township are too bad” Xia Jian could only smile awkwardly。He walked inside,The scene on the bed made his blood surge。Zhao Chunling won’t tell him。 I saw Read More

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